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The girls of Basket Pegli sink the leaders. Pozzato “Choral play, great concentration”

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The women’s Serie B team of Basket Pegli

Amazing success for Basket Pegli at PalaCorradi in the sixth day of the first round against Polismile of Turin, the only leaders with 8 points.
Arancioblu who leave immediately very determined, also to cancel the misstep of the week before in Cuneo; They immediately fielded a compact defense that grants the Piedmontese 11 points, while the Pegliesi of coach Conte manage to score 24 points on the scoresheet produced by excellent team play.

In the second quarter something gets stuck, Pegli only scores 6 points but thanks again to a good defensive work he manages to keep a gap of 9 points at the interval. Upon returning to the field, the hosts tighten the defensive shirts even more, Polismile scores only 5 points and the Ligurians can again stretch to +15, 41-26 at 30 ‘. The Genoese staff still asks for 10 minutes of intensity and compactness from their team, and they are well rewarded; back even more fluidity in attack is the basketball Pegli flies on the final +21. 57-36 for the joy of the president Antonella Traversa.

This is the comment of the assistant coach Lara Pozzato. “Today the game was as much awaited as it was felt. The period of great emergency continues: but every situation changes according to the reaction you decide to have and tonight we have been good at keeping the level of concentration high for all four times.

Despite still many mistakes and a second quarter that was not the best, this time we managed to emphasize our strengths and to fill the weaknesses together as a team.
A match that saw as its protagonist a choral game that had been missed in the last matches.

Personal initiatives, put at the service of all, have made any attempt to return the Turin team difficult.

We know as a group and as a team that it is not the best period we have experienced, but we know that what we can still give to this championship is still unimaginable.

Trivial errors and small carelessness must gradually be erased, but the path is the right one to try to exalt each individual of the team to allow the team to go beyond all expectations.

Head to the next away from home, now you just have to keep looking forward without looking back “.

Pegli-Polismile 57-36
(24-11; 6-10; 11-5; 16-10)
Pegli: Bertini 13, Monachello 4, Praussello ne, napoli ne, Ranisavljevic 24, Cotterchio 1, Vivalda 7, policastro, magno, Arecco 2, Sciammetta 6
All: Conte Ass: pozzato-oneto
Polismile: Ferraris 6, colucci f 10, colucci m 10, Peruzzi 10, Actis, Margaria 3, miele 1, David 6, godina, chahab, bonino, grattapaglia,
All: Lionetti Ass: From ros

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