The deck area is equivalent to 21 basketball courts, Zhenhua Heavy Industries’ 4000-ton azimuth crane vessel starts construction

22nd,Zhenhua Heavy IndustryThe 4,000-ton full-slewing crane ship project built for Jiangsu Longsheng Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. successfully held a groundbreaking ceremony at Qidong Offshore Engineering. Jiangsu Branch of China Communications Third Aviation Administration, Jiangsu Jiaolong Salvage, Jiangsu Longsheng Ocean,Zhenhua Heavy Industry, China Classification Society and other relevant unit leaders attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

It is understood that the ship is 182 meters long, 49 meters wide, and 15 meters deep (the deck area is equivalent to 21 basketball courts). The maximum lifting weight of the main hook is 4000 tons (full rotation 3000 tons), the lifting height is 120 meters above the deck (higher than a 40-story building), and the span is 15.5 meters overboard, which is the highest lifting capacity among domestic 5000-ton crane ships , Green, environmentally friendly, multi-functional marine engineering ship with the farthest lifting distance and the best performance.

After the completion of the ship, it will be mainly used for wind power projects. It can not only provide services for the current 6MW and 8MW wind power projects, but also adapt to the construction of 15MW wind power projects in the near future. In addition, it also has operating capabilities such as offshore oil platforms, large-scale bridge construction across the sea, large-scale structures hoisting, and large-scale sunken ships and sunken objects salvaging, and its business scope is very wide.

(Source: Nantong Daily)



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