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The CICAR Lanzarote City of Arrecife prevails over Camargo74

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The CICAR Lanzarote City of Arrecife recovered on Tuesday afternoon the postponed match of the fourth day of the Women’s Silver Honor Division, visiting Camargo74 Propenor Repsol and with the need to add the two points so as not to lose sight of the first classified . The San José Obrero players played a fairly serious match, knowing how to counter a rival despite being very limited physically.

The first minutes of the match were dominated by the Cantabrian team, attacking through the extremes where the most holes were found in the defense of the Lanzarote team. Elena San José (2) and María Dolores Limón, scored from the ends three of the first four goals for Camargo74 Propenor Repsol.

As the minutes passed, CICAR Lanzarote City of Arrecife began to find its style of play. An outside launch by Sara de León put the tie in the electronic, and then Nabila de Ganzo and Lorena Montilla completed a partial from 0 to 4 to establish the 4 to 6 in the light.

The losses of the ball allowed Camargo74 Propenor Repsol to put the equalizer back on the scoreboard, reacting the visiting team with two goals from Gema Trujillo, unot theirs in a seven meter throw, to increase the advantage to two goals and cause the Cantabrian coach to have to request the first time-out.

After the indications from the bench, Neus Llorens from the pivot scored again for San José Obrero and increased the income to three goals. A difference that the people of Lanzarote kept until the break, reaching the end of the first thirty minutes with the result of 8 to 11.

Throughout the second half, CICAR Lanzarote Ciudad de Arrecife maintained an income of two goals, and with a fairly solid 6: 0 defense it defended itself from the attacking actions of the locals. The losses of the ball were common equally in each of the teams, and the players led by David Betancort did not finish breaking the match.

With ten minutes to go, the goals of Nabila de Ganzo, who played this match as center-back, and Nagore Saenz, increased the difference to four goals (17-21). It was the only contribution of the Riojan side in the match, being barely two minutes on the playing field, retiring again injured to the bench.

The Camargo74 Propenor Repsol tried in every way in the final minutes of the match, pressing on the entire pitch. A Miriam Páez goal ended up closing the game, reaching the end of the meeting with the result of 21 to 24.

CICAR Lanzarote Ciudad de Arrecife adds two points to stay in fourth place in the standings, ranking four from third place and five from Oviedo Women’s Handball and Rodríguez Cleba, teams that lead the category. On Saturday another trip to visit the Tenerife Health Handball.


Camargo74 Propenor Repsol (21): María Villalba, Irene Costales (1), María Dolores Limón (1), Ana López (1), Andrea Sainz (2), Victoria Sainz (2), María Gema Martín, Claudia Escudero (3), Aitana Antón, Cristina Urrutia, Aida Gómez (5), Mara Domínguez, Elena San José (4), Sara Gutiérrez, Blanca Sánchez (1) and Alexandra Gil (1). Coach: Juan Francisco Escudero

CICAR Lanzarote City of Arrecife (24): Ana Marín, Lorena Montilla (6), Nabila de Ganzo (5), Sara de León (3), Neus Llorens (1), Natalia Montilla and Gema Trujillo (6) -starting team- Yarisa González (ps), Miriam Páez ( 2), Nagore Saenz (1), Paula Robayna and Acerina Martín. Coach: David Betancort

Partials every 5 minutes: 3-2, 4-5, 6-6, 6-9, 8-11, 8-11 (rest) 10-12, 12-14, 14-16, 17-20, 19-22, 21-24 ( final)

Referees: Aníbal Diego Montes and Mikel Elvira Martínez. They excluded Irene Costales (2), Ana López (1) and Mara Domínguez (1) from Camargo74 Propenor Repsol and Sara de León (1), Neus Llorens (1) and Natalia Montilla (1) from CICAR Lanzarote Ciudad by Arrecife

Incidents: Pedro Velarde Sports Center. Match corresponding to the 4th round of group A of the Women’s Silver Honor Division

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