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The “case” of the Siena Baseball Club at the Cuban Aphid International Conference. | Baseball Mania

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The case of the Siena Baseball Club branded Estra was the subject of a study presented by Jesus Barroso, Francesco Giusti and Antonio Rodriguez during the international conference on physical activity and sport Aphid, held for the ninth online edition due to Covid and organized by Cuba Deportes (www.convencionafide.com).

During the first day – within the “V SYMPOSIO INTERNACIONAL DE CIENCIAS APLICADAS AL BEISBOL Y SOFTBOL” (“Fifth international symposium of science applied to baseball and softball”) the case study (entitled “Proyecto de desarrollo del Béisbol de la Sociedad de Béisbol en Siena “, ie” Baseball development project of the Siena baseball company “) concerning the new Sienese baseball company, founded in December 2020 by the aforementioned Antonio Rodriguez and Francesco Giusti, together with Irene Bonazzola (current President), Federica Gambelli and José Sanchez.

The presentation illustrated to the numerous attendees the activity carried out to create, from nothing, in the middle of a health emergency, a new baseball company: from school activity, both through the autonomous project supported by the Municipality of Siena and with the project of the CONI “The child chooses sport”, to participate in the Under 12 regional championship and in the national Serie C championship, thanks to the support of the sponsors Estra and Vismederi, to participate in the week of didactic continuity at the “Tozzi”, to the organization of summer camps at the “Renzo Corsi” school camp in Siena (12 weeks for more than one hundred students), for the operation aimed at giving new life to the old football field inside the Sarajevo Children’s Park, abandoned for years, now transformed in a functional youth baseball diamond.

“It is the first time that Sienese baseball conquers an international stage and we hope that this can be a good omen for the future”, said the Juventus management. “For us it was a moment of professional growth, as well as an exchange of experiences and scientific knowledge. The 2021 edition of Afide was focused on finding solutions to the problems that affect the sustainability of the development of physical activity and sport in general and baseball in particular. By presenting our 2021 activities, we have contributed, we hope positively, to the cause “.


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