SV 1860 Minden eV – Successful participation in the brown belt test (1st Kyu)

11/16/2021 Judo brown belt test Gerd Wilde wrote this interesting report for us:

The invitation to a judo course at the district level in Minden was followed by around 25 judokas last week. The aim was to acquire the 1st Kyu (brown belt). In addition to the candidates for the next higher belt, trainers, supervisors and training partners, who also acted as examination partners, followed the call of the KDV (Kreis-Dan-Chairman).

The judokas were able to catch up on the training deficit caused by Corona in two days with 4 learning units each. On the first day, the KDV and his deputy offered the basics for the examination program, consisting of kata as well as throwing and floor techniques. Judo-Kata are defined and named sequences of techniques that are intended to convey principles to the practitioner. After a 2-week break, which the examinees could use to refine the required techniques, the second phase followed, also with 4 learning units. In addition to the topics trained in the first part, there were also movement tasks for the techniques. Here the techniques should be demonstrated in meaningful movements, for example as counter or advanced techniques, without the partner “jumping along”.

So well prepared, 14 test subjects from five different associations of the Judo district Herford presented themselves to the examiners, consisting of the KDV and his deputy. There were consistently good grades for the execution of the kata. Likewise, no serious deficiencies could be found in the remaining program. At the end of the exam, all candidates between the ages of 14 and 47 had achieved the goal and are now holders of the 1st Kyu. From SV1860 Minden there were: Nikita Abermet, Attila Flechtner and Jona Taake.




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