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Subsidy for net sports fields – Ermelo van NU!

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ERMELO / REGION – In the run-up to the Women’s Volleyball 2022 World Cup, the province of Gelderland is launching a subsidy scheme for net sports fields. It is a field for all kinds of net sports, such as tennis, badminton or volleyball. With the scheme we want to further encourage outdoor sports in Gelderland. “Playing football outside is already possible in many neighborhoods, but there are almost no public places where you can play volleyball or tennis outside,” explains sports commissioner Jan Markink. all the time.” We contribute € 4,000 to each field that is built.

The reason that there are almost no places outside to play volleyball is that a net breaks easily, for example due to vandalism or the weather. From January 10, 2022, volleyball associations in Gelderland can therefore apply for a subsidy for a weather-resistant and indestructible sports net. This metal net is adjustable and therefore suitable for all kinds of different sports, such as volleyball, badminton, tennis and foot volleyball. The province contributes € 4,000 for each field that is built. The subsidy will be increased by € 1000 if a plan is made to involve children for whom sports are less easily accessible. For example, children from the neighborhood for whom a paid sports club is too expensive, or for people with a disability. The money can be used to buy shirts and balls, for example.

Getting to know net sports

Tournament director of the 2022 Volleyball Women’s World Cup and Olympic champion Bas van de Goor praises the initiative of the province of Gelderland. “By offering the nets, children in Gelderland can get acquainted with volleyball and other net sports in an accessible way. It is a wonderful initiative to get children moving, and it shows that the Volleyball World Cup in Gelderland is also of social value. Even more children will get excited about volleyball in this way and about the world championship that will take place next year in their own province.”

Women’s Volleyball World Cup 2022

In 2022, the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Cup will take place in the Netherlands for the first time in history. The quadrennial World Cup lasts more than 3 weeks and 24 countries from 5 different continents take part in the event. In total, more than 100 matches will be played from September 23 to October 15, 2022. Most of the event takes place in Gelderland, with Arnhem and Apeldoorn as playing locations.


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