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Steph Curry: “This is where my career bottomed out”

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Brilliant with a thousand lights since the start of the season, Steph Curry has nevertheless experienced several big struggles during his career. Recently, he revealed the one that has been the most difficult for him… and it’s nowhere near that old.

At a very high level, it is impossible to spend an entire career without experiencing big air pockets, questioning, painful periods … and that, Steph Curry knows this very well. Undermined by numerous injuries during his first years in the NBA, Baby Face ended up reaching the top with his Warriors between 2015 and 2019, before experiencing a brutal fall.

Once again sidelined by health problems, and the sole leader of a sinking team that went from best to worst in the league, Curry and his immense talent were too lonely to keep the Warriors ship afloat. During the 2020 bubble, for example, Dubs were absent subscribers after losing the play-in.

Steph Curry reveals when he’s hit rock bottom in recent years

A gaping scar for the three-time NBA champion, who recently revealed at the microphone of Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports that this is the worst moment of his career:

Having to look at the bubble without being there was the hardest part. Part of me was happy to be able to breathe a bit, but I missed not playing on this big stage. It was the first time in 7 years that I was not in the playoffs.

We all know that some people experienced the bubble better than others, but I know I would have loved to be there to fight for the title. I would say that’s where I hit rock bottom in terms of my entire basketball life, because I felt so removed from it all. This is my passion.

Nailed to his sofa thousands of kilometers from Orlando and this crazy bubble that gave birth to so many stories and a coronation of the Lakers, Curry had to manage a big blues. But great champions always know how to turn the negative into the positive, and that rage and spite allowed Seth’s brother to start the 2021-22 campaign at a cheeky level.

A great architect of the Warriors’ great start to the season (18 wins and 2 losses), the Chef is the favorite for the MVP title. His stats so far? 28.6 points, 6.8 assists, 5.8 rebounds, 42.3% at 3 points and 94% throwing. Simply dizzying.

From these two difficult years, Steph Curry has drawn a great surplus of motivation, which contributes to this exceptional start to the season. In short, a real champion mentality.

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