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Soccer. The tops and flops of Troyes-ASSE: Boudebouz metronome, Aouchiche transparent

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Photo Progress / Yves SALVAT


Boudebouz feasted

Repositioned in number 8 in a hybrid and experimental midfielder without a real recuperator, the Algerian player has done violence. Comfortable with the ball on the foot, he used his talent to get out of the pressure on several occasions and facilitate the Saint-Etienne raises.

However, he also did his part by responding present in the duels, scratching a few balloons. If he was not decisive, he was dangerous on set pieces, even finding the bar following a tap from Gallon (38th).

Trauco bomb

Uncertain Friday because of a sore ankle, the Peruvian side held his rank this Sunday near the Dawn stadium. Overall clean defensively despite some breakthroughs from Kaboré, he was especially important offensively.

Distilling a few good centers including one taken by Nordin (28th), he punctuated his performance with a sublime gesture by sending an air-to-ground missile into Gallon’s right window to offer victory to the Greens (62nd).

Photo Progress / Yves SALVAT
Photo Progress / Yves SALVAT

The flops

Aouchiche out of the shot

Inserted in the middle of four flat proposed by Claude Puel at the kickoff, the Saint-Etienne playmaker was quickly able to take advantage of a role of free electron. Only, he never managed to take advantage of it. Going through the match without being really decisive apart from the free kick he gets in front of goal (38th), he even seemed invisible at times despite the clear domination of the Greens.

Photo Progress / Yves SALVAT
Photo Progress / Yves SALVAT

Krasso upside down

Rarely inspired in his calls, the Saint-Etienne striker has especially missed the inevitable at the reception of a Mason’s center. Alone at the far post, five meters from the goal, he sends the ball to the crossbar while the goal was wide open (30th). It will also be the only strong moment of his match.

Against the grain in the Saint-Etienne combinations, he annihilated several situations for lack of accuracy.

Photo Progress / Yves SALVAT
Photo Progress / Yves SALVAT

Youssouf, the love of risk

Installed with Boudebouz at his side, his primary role was to ensure a good part of the defensive work and to contribute to the green revivals. If the first part of these tasks was rather well filled, the second raises questions, and in particular in the start of the match.

Holding the ball, the Greens were exposed on several occasions to the offensives of the Trojans on loss of ball from the midfield.

Constantly seeking to eliminate his opponent by dribbling while the pass solutions existed, Youssouf relapsed into the sin that Claude Puel has accused him of for many weeks.

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