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Shohei Ohtani (27) of the US Major League Baseball Angels visited a sports gym in Tokyo in the morning of late November, driven by an exclusive interpreter, Ippei Mizuhara. Carry a backpack in black sportswear and go to the gym calmly.

“It was this gym that Otani went straight to after the press conference at the Japan National Press Club on the 15th and the remote interview at the time of the MVP award on the 19th.”

A guest at the gym said:

“Otani trains for three hours each time. Maybe he brought his favorite training equipment because he brought his own carry case. He practices pitching on regular gym holidays. I heard. “

After returning to Japan, Otani does not seem to go out except for the gym and practice area.

“Mr. Ichiro, a big senior who won the MVP, did not miss muscle training every day when he returned to Japan, but at night he enjoyed the off-season, such as celebrating the award at a high-class teppanyaki restaurant. Doesn’t even seem to go out into the city. He seems to be quietly spending time with his mother at home. “

Otani continues to live stoic days after returning to Japan, but in a recent interview he was expressing unexpected “worries”.

<< I also dream of baseball. The most common dream is that I hit a hit in front of the light, but my legs didn't move forward (laughs). It feels like I'm running in the water, and I can't move forward at all, and I'm out on first base. ”(December 2nd issue of“ Number ”)

He says he often sees these “nightmares”, especially when he is feeling mentally stressed. Good luck coordinator, Mr. Aisa Fujikawa, reads his dream like this.

“A dream is a circuit for realizing things such as taking ideas from the subconscious to achieve the goal. For Otani, the image of the result that he wants to produce and the reality that has not yet produced a result are matched. I thought it was like a dream I was dreaming about. “In front of the light”, that is, the right side represents the “right way” in the dream analysis. The water of “running in the water” is the “energy of life”. In order to bring the energy of life to the right path, it seems that “do not move forward” = “searching for the first step”.

Otani imagines a big goal and is dreaming about training to make it a reality. I think he is a rare person who knows the true path. “

Otani does not neglect his training not only in his daily life in baseball but also in his dreams. The city, which is regaining its vitality as the number of newly infected people of the new corona decreases, may be unrelated to him.

“We are inundated with special program offers for the year-end and New Year holidays, but basically they refused.” (TV station official)

Whether I slept or woke up, “baseball straight” gave birth to SHO TIME!



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