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Sascha Zverev, king of the new tennis

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The new tennis has some fast food.

It is as bland as it is impersonal. The game runs so much, and offers so few nuances, that the observer has a hard time describing it. Gunboats are nearly two meters tall, they serve fast and very hard. It is hard to remember an exchange, a specific moment. There are hardly any breaks, there are hardly any long rallies. Now that he loses rope Big Three (Djokovic, Federer and Nadal), the times of Sascha Zverev and Daniil Medvedev dawns.

Either of them can take the victory, as even as they are, and the duel depends on the state of inspiration of one or the other, more than ever.

As the angles are opened, as both Medvedev and Zverev serve, the average-sized athlete can do little.

It is the age of the giants.


The gunboats are close to two meters in height, they serve fast and hard; it’s hard to remember an exchange


In the world of new tennis, Sascha Zverev (24), Olympic gold medalist at Tokyo 2020, is better at handling this Sunday at the Pala AlpiTour Arena in Turin.

Among other reasons, because Daniil Medvedev (25) manifests physical discomfort and never enters the game, he does not even have time to do so, since the final, the title of the masters’ tournament, is dispatched in 1h15m (double 6-4).

Zverev, with his teacher’s trophy, the second of his sports career

Marco Bertorello / AFP

Definitely, Zverev (current 3rd racket) is coming strong.

He no longer hesitates in match openings, does not award free points, or reluctantly advances, handing over the first set and compromising a victory. Now he has a pedigree, resources, and a great starter – bad news for those who want to stop him.

Novak Djokovic, his victim in the semifinals of the Tokyo Games, and also in the semifinals of the masters’ tournament, begins this Saturday.

Not bad, that of going on vacation with this victory; but as this is going, I should already start thinking about the next season “

Sascha ZverevTennis player

And this time it is suffered by Medvedev (currently 2nd racket in the world, masters champion in 2020), a lost player in this final that flies away.

Everything is dominated by Zverev, who is confidence and instinct: he relies on his right and his serve, as efficient (80% of his first serves go inside) as suffocating: he signs eight aces, for the scarce three of the Russian, who does not glimpse not a single break point.


Medvedev, with a gesture of bewilderment, this Sunday

Alessandro di Marco / EFE

“I was looking for the perfect match and it came out,” says Zverev later, generally taciturn and serious, more smiling than usual: he accumulates his sixth title in 2021 and takes the 59th victory of the year, more than any other tennis player, Djokovic included.

(In social terms he is not doing so well: the ATP investigates Zverev for mistreatment of his ex-partner, Olga Sharypova).

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“It’s not bad, going on vacation with this victory,” he says as soon as the local televisions offer him the microphone; He already has his second master’s degree, after the one in 2018–. But I’ll be honest with you. As this is going, I have to start thinking about next season ”.

Let’s see how the Big Three Take on the challenge, the pressure of this new tennis.

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