Saint-Pierre-la-Cour. Judo / taïso: 160 members of the club

Conscious of the usefulness of keeping the Judo association within the municipality alive, the elected officials rolled up their sleeves. They have invested themselves physically since they are members of the board, with the aim of pursuing the development policy of the structure.

Pierre Férandin, deputy responsible for associative life and interim president of the judo club, is pleased with the number of licensees. “The results of the new school year are very positive, since there are 160 of us. It should be noted that nearly two thirds of the graduates come from outside municipalities”.

The club offers various projects to retain its members. “We did judo courses during the All Saints holidays and an internal competition will be offered on Saturday, December 11, from 2 pm to 4:30 pm”.

The office is also working on a family animation project around the taïso, and on the reception of a departmental judo competition at 1is quarter 2022. The president “Call for the mobilization of licensees to help participate in the management of the association”.




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