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I love children! Even in a baseball class in the area, you can completely talk with the boys and it is very popular as “Enocchi!” Enomoto reports the birth of a super-fresh first child. I’d like to ask you about your mindset for the match, but first of all, I’ll start with the joyful comments of welcoming a new family!

— November 30, 2021—

3. I am creating a routine that “gets a little better”.

Ikumen Declaration!

A girl was born this morning (interview date: one day in October)! I haven’t seen him in my wife’s hometown yet, but I’m looking forward to meeting him. Even in the baseball class held in the area, the children are very cute and I am always looking forward to it. Finally my child is … I’m going to be really good at it! I’m a girl, so I’ll treat her politely and politely. My wife and children will not return home until the end of the Intercity Baseball Tournament. I’m fluttering this year because I’m about to have my own wedding in December, but everything is very happy. It’s going to be a memorable day.

Image: How to feel

How to feel

Switch on with music before the game. This is in the moving car to the match venue! Select the song “” and play it at the right timing. When I get off the bus and the song ends with a good feeling, I feel like “OK!”. The moment you calculate the length of the song and press the play button is the first battle with yourself (laughs). During this year’s Intercity Baseball Tournament, I listened to WANDS’s “Until the End of the World.” This is the ending theme of the anime “SLAM DUNK”. When I listened to it while thinking of the scene that came to me, I felt comfortable in the match.

Image: Comfortable in your own way

Comfortable in your own way

The day before the game, refrain from your favorite coffee or caffeine. Since the legs are easy to lift, it is NG to lose water due to the diuretic effect of caffeine. Mineral deficiency is also a great enemy, so I take minerals with almonds before and during the game. When replenishing energy and adjusting the meal on the day, you value your senses. Even if you want to go out the day before the game, make your stay home my rule. I put up with it a little for the match, and if I win, I release it. It’s a small reward like drinking a can of coffee.

◆ Rules to enhance yourself

  • ① On holidays, I am relieved to drink coffee from the morning
  • ② At the end of the travel time before the game, listen to the music that is most inspiring at that time
  • ③ To some extent, routineize the behavior of the day before the important day to calm the disappointment.

Editor’s postscript

Enomoto creates a sense of normality by keeping the feelings of one ball as simple as possible. It is analyzed that if tension for the official game is added to that, it will be possible to bring it to the best condition. I self-evaluate my inner self, such as not being confident, negative thinking, and shyness, but I feel the strength to switch to how to exert my strength without making them weak points. I look forward to the quiet spirit on the mound in the next battle!

★ BACK NET-Oreno Hanashi Next time, Yoza player! looking forward to!




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