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Ramos, Xavi, C1 … Messi’s confessions!

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His speeches are rare but they inevitably attract attention. Lionel Messi confided in Marca as he received the title from Pichichi for the eighth time in his career. An interview in which he confides that his adaptation to Paris is going better and better. He nevertheless swept away other current affairs including the chances of PSG in the Champions League, the cohabitation with Sergio Ramos or the arrival of Xavi at Barça.

On the chances of PSG in C1

“Everyone says we are the big favorites and I won’t deny that we are one of the contenders, but we still need things to be a really strong team.”

On cohabitation with Ramos

“Sergio Ramos as a partner is a show”.

On Xavi’s arrival at Barça

“With Xavi, Barcelona will grow up, he’s a coach who knows a lot and who knows the house perfectly.”

The Spanish media announces that the interview, which will be released tomorrow, will also discuss his life in Paris, his team, Real Madrid and Atlético, Dani Alves or the World Cup.

to summarize

Lionel Messi confided in an interview where he returned in particular to the chances of PSG in C1, his cohabitation with Sergio Ramos but also the arrival of Xavi at Barça.

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