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Pujols Sport Seniors Santé, an association that is moving forward!

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After 18 months of separation, this November 18, the Pujols Sport Seniors Santé association (called P3S), chaired by Jean-Jacques Brun since 2012 and which still has 180 members including 103 present, held its GA at the Palay, in respect of all health rules and after everyone presented the health pass upon entering the Palay room, After the rather brief moral report from the president presenting this pandemic period, the financial report was presented by Denise Mercier indicating that the Project Sportif Fédéral had enabled the association to receive a subsidy of 1,500 euros from the national authority, an amount which was added to the town hall’s subsidy of 1,000 euros, there remains a balance of 14,000 euros: these reports were voted unanimously. A range of activities led by 23 competent animators is offered outside the pandemic by this association affiliated to the French Federation of Sports Retirement. Some of these activities have slowly resumed since the end of September: badminton, adapted soft gymnastics, table tennis, archery, English conversation, genealogy, computers and patchwork, not to mention hiking: 2 soft, 1 medium and 1 confirmed every week without forgetting the multiple and varied outings around tourism, culture and convivial moments. In the coming months the association announces the arrival of the “electrically assisted bicycle” or EV.

No elections this year: the office remains the same

A tribute paid to Maryse, Nicole and Jacqueline who left us in recent months, was a great moment of emotion for all.

This association and its president Jean-Jacques Brun by his charisma and dynamism attracts many members despite the Covid which persists because people need to breathe the breath of air of friendship and sharing, even if this sharing is limited by health circumstances. This particular and healthy association is open to seniors, beginners or accomplished athletes, happy to keep in shape. Membership: € 68 individual, license and insurance included.

The evening ended with a dinner aperitif washed down with Beaujolais Nouveau in the company of Mayor Yvon Ventadoux and Cécile Durgueil, sports assistant.

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