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President, transfer student, baseball game

by archysport


President, transfer student, baseball game

Transfer student Wang Dongliang is missing! The last to see him was Lu Zihan, the youngest in the class. They were all watching a baseball game, and Wang Dongliang ran out in a panic like something urgent. His school uniform is still on the seat, and there is a “World Celebrity List” magazine underneath the uniform, and the cover is former US President Trump.

After that, there were frequent strange incidents in the school. Li Xuping fell and was hospitalized, Huang Qishi was inexplicably talking nonsense on the podium, and Wang Boyu and Qi Haoran fought against each other for no reason… But the most strange thing is that these things happened. All of his classmates were once contestants in that baseball game.

Many weird things and even murders always happen on campus. The mood of teenagers is often the most elusive. The age of the blooming season should be very simple and simple, and there will always be a dark and dark psychological haze. To be honest, I am sympathetic to everyone who has any thoughts, because following these appearances, I can trace the roots and find their source.


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