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President of the French Basketball Federation: “EuroLeague Is Regretfully Managed”

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Semih Tuna

26 / Kas / 21 00:27


Semih Tuna

Jean-Pierre Siutat, President of the French Basketball Federation, showed his reaction against the EuroLeague.

By Eurohoops team/ [email protected]

The dispute over the calendar between FIBA ​​and EuroLeague has been going on for a very long time. For this reason, EuroLeague players find it very difficult to represent their country between the National Teams during the season.

Jean-Pierre Siutat, President of the French Basketball Federation, spoke about his unease over the EuroLeague’s management of the calendar.

This week AS Monaco and LDLC ASVEL will face each other in the French derby on Friday evening at 22:00. At the same time, the French National Team will play against Montenegro exactly 30 minutes after this match.

According to the Federation President, both teams applied to the organization for a change, but this application was rejected. The Team ”Siutat speaking to e:

“This is not the first time and it is very pathetic. Especially considering that both teams have applied to change the date. This way players from ASVEL and/or Monaco could represent their country. This would never have happened in football without the famous Super League format. If we had played our game on Thursday, EuroLeague would have put Monaco v ASVEL on Thursday as well. How sad. Who gains from this? As I always say, I have no ulterior motives against the EuroLeague organisation. But I repeat, the way it’s run is utterly pathetic.”

“Ever since the National Team breakouts started, the EuroLeague has always scheduled the games at the same time. Meanwhile, other teams, such as the French teams, also asked for a modification. But the EuroLeague continued to say no unilaterally. I’m asking too. Who is responsible for this? Jordi Bertomeu? Someone else? Who refuses? Why? I hope things like this will change with the new management.”

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