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Positive aspects are only half the story

by archysport

Running in the fresh air makes you feel good.
Image: dpa

Sport has many positive aspects. Exercise can be like a drug – only without side effects. So far so good. But what sounds like a wonderful promise is only half the story.

NA friend wrote to me eulich: “Sport is such a thing for me, it is a permanent construction site for me.” It had this touch of: Don’t say anything now. I know that you are that person who makes your neighbors on the stairwell in jogging outfit feel guilty. Nonetheless, this sentence crossed my mind, which I had heard from a scientist some time ago: “Exercise is like a drug – only without side effects.”

He listed the advantages of sport: exercise is physical and psychological prevention, lowers blood sugar levels, blood pressure becomes lower, and in combination with the right diet, cholesterol levels can also be lowered. The conversation took a less positive turn, however, of course, you know what’s coming: the lockdown, less exercise, bad for your health. An oppressive feeling rose up in me. Would I ever be able to catch up on that again? And then I read this headline: “Running a marathon doesn’t help much if you’ve been sitting all day.” My jogging outfit wouldn’t save me. And what would the friend have in store for him?


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