PMU – Arrival of the quinté on Friday, November 12 in Paris-Vincennes: Greg de Niro plays the heroes

Arrival: 11 – 10 – 12 – 7 – 13

The evening was rich in emotions at the Vincennes racecourse. After the demonstration by Ampia Mede Sm in the Prix Marcel Laurent (Group II) and the new record of victories for a coach over one year, achieved by Thierry Duvaldestin, who signed the 228th success of the season thanks to Iona de Feugères, the quinté kept all its promises.

After several attacks in the uphill part of the race, he is finally the last assailant, Greg de Niro (n ° 11) who had the last word. Very moved, his trainer Thibaut Le Floch, had difficulty expressing himself after the victory of his resident, who won for the third time in a row: “It is never easy to win at Vincennes. You have to have “junk”. Matthieu Abrivard (his driver) played the game very well to lead him to success. “

Four-footed barefoot for the first time in his career, Gogo des Malberaux (n ° 10) realizes a very good value by taking second place while Goupil d’Ardennes (n ° 12), behaves honorably to take third place. Slightly set back, Kid Majyc (n ° 7) manages to narrowly keep fourth place ahead Havaroche Greek (n ° 13), the favorite of the race, which was launched late in the final phase.

Kévin Romain and our summary indicated the quinté in disorder in six horses.


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