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Players in the A National Men’s Basketball Team want 2 out of 2

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In the A National Men’s Basketball Team that will face Belarus and Great Britain in the first two games of the FIBA ​​2023 World Cup European Qualification Group B, Tolga Geçim, Buğrahan Tuncer, Erten Gazi and Egemen Güven said that they want to make 2 out of 2.
Anadolu Efes’ national players Tolga Geçim, Buğrahan Tuncer, Erten Gazi and Frutti Extra Bursaspor’s national player Egemen Güven made special statements.


Saying that he is very happy to be in the national team, Tolga Geçim said, “Very valuable players came here, there are also very valuable players who did not come. We will play 2 very important matches. First, we are going to the Belarusian away game. We will go on the field and do our best there. Then on Sunday. We want to win here in front of our audience and hopefully close the first window with 2 out of 2,” he said.
When asked whether it was difficult for them to continue playing EuroLeague competitions at national intervals due to the ongoing conflict between FIBA ​​and EuroLeague, Tolga Geçim said, “This is a difficult thing for us, we have our country and national team on the one hand, and our club on the other. Clubs, national teams and the federation “They will meet and decide who goes and who doesn’t. If we stay here, we will go out on the field and do our best.”
Asked whether his lack of time in Anadolu Efes had any effect on his performance, Geçim said, “I’ve been playing for Anadolu Efes for 3 years. The team I’m playing for now is the best team in Europe, in my opinion. There are very valuable players in the team, there are very high quality players. I do my extra training every time. When I get the chance, I go out on the field and give my best.”


Stating that they do not have much opportunity to prepare together, Buğrahan Tuncer said: “We will leave without a few players. The situation of Sertaç (Şanlı) from our squad last year is not clear and we lost Alperen (Şengün) to the NBA, so it is a more difficult period for us. “We will play two important matches. It is very important in terms of bringing victory to the upper group. Belarus is away. We watched a little today. It is a team that plays very hard and effectively. We want to show a good fight and win.”
When asked whether it is challenging to continue playing EuroLeague competitions during the national break, Tuncer said, “There is more abundance in the squad this year compared to previous years, as Efes. That’s why it was more comfortable for me to come. Playing the game again the next day affected my performance. I’m coming with a more relaxed mind this year, I’m focusing directly here. It’s more important for me.”
Regarding Anadolu Efes’ bad start at the beginning of the season, Tuncer said, “Nothing much has changed. It could be complacency. It could be psychologically. When we started to lose the match… There were injuries at the beginning of the season, we didn’t have the chance to train together much. “It was an important disadvantage for us to lose in the middle of nowhere. We want to play in the top positions gradually,” he said.
Stating that they spent their first day in the camp, Erten Gazi said, “Our season continues. Our first day in the camp. The morale of the team is good, because everyone is very excited here. We want to go to the Greece game with 2 of 2, beating Belarus first and then Great Britain.”

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