Pirates hope savagely attacks opposing pitcher after being shot to the head

The Braves won the last World Series and the MLB season is on ice for the winter, but the prospects are still battling the attention of scouts in the various development leagues.

Winter baseball is serious business everywhere on the sidelines of the MLB season. It can happen that the spirits heat up a bit.

We therefore moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, for a match opposing the hopes of the Pirates to those of the Red Sox.

A bullet that does not pass

In this routine game on the surface, Red Sox organization pitcher Josh Winckowski dropped a ball at Pirates prospect Canaan Smith-Njigba.

The ball goes very close to the batter’s face and, to believe his reaction, it doesn’t go at all.

Smith-Njigba, a prospect picked up by the Pirates in the deal sending Jameson Taillon to the Yankees, is high on the Pirates’ organization chart and some see him as the team’s best prospect.

On the other hand, he will have to work on his calm.

Witnesses said it was the second time in two games that Smith-Njigba had been hit by a pitch.

That does not explain the violence of his charge, but we can understand his lack of patience.

The altercation lasted for long minutes on the pitch.

via Baseball America



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