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Piqué: “We cannot fail Xavi”

by archysport

What does the point taste like?

A little. We have done a lot to win, we have made chances to score. And we depend on ourselves. We are going to Munich with the intention of winning and we are in good spirits. We are playing well. Do you need efficiency above?

Do they look to win?

Barça, wherever it goes, has to go to win. The feelings, and more with the people, are good. People are playing a very important role. That people come to greet us at the hotel, that they be with this level of excitement, through thick and thin, I have never seen the Camp Nou in this way. I’ve been a culé since I was born, and when Barça didn’t play well they showed it and got angry. People know that we are suffering a bit, and we are not in a situation that we are used to and we will have to go to Munich to qualify. And the people are with us and that is priceless and that is worth gold. We will go until the last second with work and effort. In this team

What has Xavi given them?

When things are not going well, people ask for a change, and for a new person to come, it always helps to refresh a bit. That people who played less have minutes. I think this is seen. Whoever plays, you can see it. Wanting to do well and win. We had our chances already on Espanyol day and today we competed very well again. There are people trained to score goals but sometimes you can’t score and it couldn’t be.

Does Xavi push the captains more?

Knowing, or having shared with who your coach is, morally you have to give him more because you know what your quality is. And we cannot fail him. That is worth more than any communication. I have known Xavi for 13 or 14 years and as a coach you could already see him who sent us all young people and now we have to transmit those ideas that he gave us when he was a player. We are trying to help him, and the most you can help him is by being an example.

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