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Piqué plans to take the Davis Cup to Abu Dhabi

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The objective of Kosmos, Piqué’s company, is to move the Davis Cup to Abu Dhabi to ensure the economic benefit of the competition

The Davis Cup stay in Madrid had an expiration date. Two years is what it was agreed that the competition, completely renewed with a new format, would remain in the Spanish capital. The pandemic disrupted plans and, after the 2020 edition was suspended, the agreement was extended for another year. Of course, with concessions. Madrid would no longer be the sole venue and would share the limelight with Turin and Innsbruck. A smooth transition before the radical change planned by Kosmos, the company directed by Gerard Piqué and which is the promoter of these Davis Cup Finals.

The next venue will be Abu Dhabi. According to The Telegraph, Kosmos will take the competition to the Middle East starting next season and for a period of five years. This will be the way to ensure the financial sustainability of an event that has not been the economic panacea that Kosmos and Piqué expected. His bet was great, promising more than 2,500 million euros of investment in 25 years, but his reality, with a Magic Box delivered only to the parties in Spain, has been very different.

Therefore, the roadmap is to move Davis to Abu Dhabi, which would be willing to provide good financial capital to pay for the tournament. It would be held at different venues and the number of competition days could be extended to twelve.

Outside of the economic section, this decision raises more uncertainties than certainties. The main thing is that it would end up killing the spirit of the competition. If the measure taken in 2018 to end the playoffs throughout the year, with games at home and away, Davis already started the fans, move it to the Middle East, with the cost involved in travel and accommodation for the large public, multiplies the problem.

The lack of fans in the stands would be one of the big ‘buts’, coupled with the refusal of many players who have already put other interests above playing this year’s edition.

In fact, only seven of the top 20 in the world compete in Madrid, Innsbruck and Turin, with figures such as Rafael Nadal, Matteo Berrettini and Dominic Thiem out due to physical problems. Others, such as the German Alexander Zverev, have opposed the new format and have declined to participate until it changes, a case similar to that of Roger Federer, whose Switzerland has not been invited either in 2019 or now.

The trip to the Middle East, after the end of the season with the dispute in Turin of the ATP Finals, would be a new impediment for the tennis players, who would end the tennis calendar at the beginning of December, with little time to rest and begin the assault on the Australian tournaments.

The way to dazzle them would be to increase a prize pool that currently stands below about 20 million euros and that, the agreement with Abu Dhabi, would increase significantly. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) and Kosmos will make the announcement at the end of these Davis Cup Finals.

Spain, debut single against Ecuador

The Spanish Davis Cup team should have a simple start to the competition this Friday against an Ecuador without big stars in their team. Carlos Alcaraz and Pablo Carreño will be the weapons of Sergi Bruguera’s men, who could sentence the tie in the singles against Emilio Gómez (149 in the world) and Roberto Quiroz (291).

Following this clash, Ecuador will face Russia on Saturday, before Spain decides its future in the tournament on Sunday against Daniil Medvedev and company.


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