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Peru wins 26 medals in the South American Para badminton in Joinville, Brazil

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The Peruvian Para badminton team returned loaded with medals from the South American Championship held in Brazil. The team led by Derly Delgado and Víctor Campos won a total of 26 medals: 7 gold, 10 silver and 9 bronze, reported the Peruvian Badminton Sports Federation chaired by Gonzalo Castillo.

This is another great result of the Peruvian Para badminton, which tournament after tournament continues to demonstrate its enormous growth internationally. The medals won in Joinville, Brazil, are the result of the intense days of preparation that our representatives carry out daily at La Videna.

Here are the medalists:


Manuel Puente (MS SL3)
Giuliana Poveda (WS SH6)
Jáuregui Pillar (WS WH2)
Diana Rojas (WS SL3+SL4+SU5)
Nilton Quispe – Giuliana Poveda (XD SH6)
Jesús Salva – Nilton Quispe (D SH6)
Jenny Ventocilla (WD SL3 + SU5)


Gerson Vargas (MS SL3)
Rubí Fernández (WS SH6)
Jesus Salva (MS SH6)
Jenny Ventocilla (WS SL3 + SL4 + SU5)
Roberth Fajardo – Ronald Miranda (MD WH1+WH2)
Diana Rojas (WD SL3 + SU5)
Jesús Salva – Rubí Fernández (XD SH6)
Giuliana Poveda – Rubí Fernández (D SH6)
Jaqueline Burgos – Pilar Jáuregui (WD WH1+WH2)
Ronald Miranda – Pilar Jáuregui (XD WH1 + WH2)


Nilton Quispe (MS SH6)
Renzo Bances (MS SL4)
Jaqueline Burgos (WS WH1)
Gerson Vargas – Renzo Bances (MD SL3+SL4)
Manuel Puente – Pablo Cueto (MD SL3 + SL4)
Ronald Miranda (MS WH1)
Alberto Cadenillas (MD SU5)
Roberth Fajardo (MS WH2)
Pablo Cueto – Jenny Ventocilla (XD SL3 + SU5)

The Peruvian Badminton Sports Federation will continue to bet on the growth and massification of Para badminton in the country, as it did from the first day when it decided to improve the team’s training conditions. Today the results are remarkable.

Source: Peruvian Badminton Sports Federation.

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