Pelota / Cuatro y Medio: The organization stops the final due to a complaint from the Basque Government regarding the scarce use of masks in the public

The organization stopped the final of the Four and a Half due to the low use of masks in the public. / José MAri López

With 19-19 on the scoreboard, the manager of Baiko Joserra Garai receives a call from the Minister of Health and decides to stop the match between Altuna III and Laso

Joseba Lezeta

The anecdote of the final of the Cuatro y Medio between Altuna III and Laso has arrived with 19-19 on the scoreboard. The match has had to stop because, according to various sources, the Basque Government authorities have issued a wake-up call as there are too many people without masks on the fronton. It has been the Health Minister herself who has called the manager of the company Baiko Joserra Garai to show her concern about the misuse of masks in the public. His reaction has been to stop the game.

The pelotaris have retired to the changing room and from the public address it has been warned that if the fans did not put on the masks, the final would be suspended. Shortly after, the finalists came out to warm up again in tracksuits and were able to resume the match.

Jokin Altuna, champion

The game has continued to be vibrant despite the break, with a throbbing 20-20 and the excitement in style. Jokin Altuna made the last goal of service and celebrated the victory with excitement. He has declared that “I have suffered a lot” and also that “I have found it a shame” the break with 19-19.




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