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Omaira was about to give up judo »Beller Digital

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One day before her father passed away, Omaira Ramírez Piña approached her father to inform him that she wanted to leave judo for the time that the medical career was demanding.

“As my university career progressed, I wondered a lot about whether or not I continued in judo because studying and practicing a sport as a demand to be able to have great results is very difficult,” says the young athlete from San Juan de la Maguana.

“Daddy, I’m thinking about not continuing in judo because it is being difficult for me because of the university,” she told him and the answer was immediate.

“No, you have to find a way to balance things because judo cannot be left,” said Edgar Ramírez, professor, lawyer and former vice minister and director of Sports in that province in the governments of the Dominican Liberation Party.

As the paternal decision was and continues to be unappealable, Omaria obtained yesterday a very comforting bronze medal in the First Junior Pan American Games by defeating the Chilean Adela Ángeles Espinosa with a resounding 10-0 in the 78 kilograms category.

Once she left the tatami, Omaria was confused in an emotional hug with her mother Dulce María Piña, an immortal of that discipline who repeatedly played the national anthem at the Pan American and Central American and Caribbean Games. Tears streamed down their cheeks.

“Winning the medal was a very exciting moment due to the fact that from the moment of qualifying it was clear to me that it would be dedicated to my father,” he underlines.

“He was my safe place, my source of inspiration, who was always there for me,” says the eighth-term student at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, who since then has been compelled to select fewer subjects to continue in the sport high competition.

“Hey, figure, your daughter won,” Dulce María wrote on a Facebook account, recalling how Edgar used to tell her every time that Omaria or any of the other daughters they procreated – Lizzy and Luisa Penelope – emerged gracefully from a fight.

“Today I tell you, Gordo Ramírez, look here at your daughter. He won and he did it for you. I dedicate. Wherever I am, Edgar, I know that he celebrates for your daughter, that he celebrates for us. Here’s your medal. Celebrate with us. We love you, Edgar.

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