Novak Djokovic criticizes “media propaganda” again and says: “I will stand up for what is right”

But this criticism no longer affects him so much, added the Serb.

“I’m used to it in a way – from the world media, even from the local people. Propaganda is created and I am drawn into it all because I said something,” said Djokovic, who criticized: “The information takes a direction one that is no longer the basis of journalism. ”

There is “less and less free journalism and free information. More and more is controlled by one or two sources, so that propaganda is spread that is beneficial to the elite or a specific group of people. It hits me, but that doesn’t stop me, myself to use for things that I think are right. “

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Djokovic was not more specific. But the Serb also stated that he has hardly used any media for a long time. “I haven’t read newspapers for a few years, whether online or in print. I don’t watch TV news either.” However, Djokovic claimed that he did hear a lot via social media.

Djokovic wants to defend his own values

At the same time he emphasized that he is aware of the influence on the youth and of his role model function. “You are expected to take a stand on issues that are not related to your job. I’ve tried to stay away from everything, but sometimes when I feel like I want to share something, I do. who adheres to principles, values ​​and human rights, “said the 34-year-old.

Certain values ​​are very important to him anyway. “I fight for truth and justice. It also matters to me what people think of me,” said Djokovic.

His life no longer depends on it, however, “because I know who and what I am. I try to live by what is right. Yes, I am sometimes wrong, but it hits me when lies are spread.”

A few weeks ago, Djokovic had already sharply criticized the “hostile” press because of the ongoing questions about his vaccination status.
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