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Nippon Club Napoli on the roof of Italy: it’s a big party in Ponticelli

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Jumpers on the roof ofItaly with the Nippon Club. E’ Neapolitan the first judo club of country, which stood out in particular at PalaPellicone during the junior championship. In the 55 kg it prevails Vincenzo Manferlotti, who beats his partner in the all-Neapolitan final Francesco Pio Stefanelli. In third place Nicolò Busia (Akiyama Settimo) ed Enzo Quattrociocchi (Giovinazzo). In the 60 kg another success made in Naples with Daniele Di Capua protagonist on the mat, which precedes Giuseppe De Tullio (Judo Team Iacovazzi), Simone Aversa (Banzai Cortina Rome) e Simone Casareto (Pro Recco Judo).

Heavy silver for Gennaro Guarino, other registered Nippon and engineering student like Of Capua, which closes behind John Zaraca (Acras Judo Bolzano), preceding Matteo Nicoletti (Akiyama Settimo) e Fabrizio Esposito (Star Judo Club), the latter brother of Martina, which will be awarded by the Cones Campania in the ceremony of 2 December al Male Angevin. Fifth classified Francesco Iacovelli (66 kg).

To collect the cup and the plate Errico Parlati, president of the Nippon Club Naples, first club in Italy under 21, in front ofAkiyama Settimo e all’Isao Okano Club 87. «It is a great satisfaction especially for the boys, as well as for the club I preside over. Dedicating ourselves to children is our commitment and obtaining such important results is gratifying, especially when they are established at the highest levels, just like my nephew. Christian, who attended the Tokyo Olympics». Naples keep winning on the mat and the Campania of judo proves to be second to none.


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