NFL star kicks off his career as a boxer

It’s official now. The veteran NFL running back Frank Gore has released what will be his first official fight as a boxer. A turn of profession, which has allowed Gore to venture into other types of sports activities, to continue at the highest competitive level.

This announcement has attracted so much attention that different media in the United States have taken the fight as one of their main notes, this because this fight, agreed for the Saturday, December 18, it will be against the former NBA star, Deron Williams, who is also remembered for having won 2 Gold medals in the Olympic Games, with the United States delegation.

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Williams, 37, has already been selected 3 times to the All-Star Game, while Gore has been a Pro Bowler 5 times in 16 years of career, recalling that he has not yet officially retired from the field, having played 15 games last year with the New York Jets.

Since the month of September of this year, Frank began his training in form, to try to prepare 100% and make a fight, which was closed for contested in Tampa Bay, under the heavy category and that will be pay per event in the United States.

Athletes who have excelled in different sports

This is not the first time that an athlete of a certain discipline ventures into another different item to which it has been recognized initially.

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-Michael Jordan in basketball, baseball and golf.
-Jim Thorpe in pentathlon, decathlon, football, baseball and basketball.
-Wilt Chamberlain in basketball and volleyball.
-Bo Jackson in football and baseball.

-Marion Jones as an Olympian and basketball player.




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