NFL: Rams losing control

After all the racket caused by the Rams with their outbursts that never cease to accumulate, it is finally very quiet. What promised to be a masterful backfire is turning into a wet firecracker.

Looking at the final score of 36-28 in favor of the Packers, the Rams can look like a team that fought well and lost narrowly.

Except that in reality, they were not involved. They were physically dominated for a third week in a row. They lost the battle of turnovers (three against one) and that of possession time (39:40 against 20:20).

Sometimes these statistics don’t mean much. In this meeting, they are revealing because they rarely managed to produce sustained offensive streaks. Two hits occurred on bombs in Van Jefferson and Odell Beckham, but otherwise the attack has too often been silenced.

Stafford must do better

This was not the scenario envisioned when the Rams shelled out a fortune to pick up Matthew Stafford in Detroit. The quarterback has suffered two turnovers in each of his last three starts.

With 302 yards and three touchdowns, his stats make him look good, but he’s too often lacked precision to reach free receivers like the air.

Beckham too

As for Beckham, we must give him a little more time before throwing the stone at him. Not only does he have to adjust to a new system, his back seems to be in pain.

Let’s wait before crying out for failure, but he will soon have to contribute more to the offensive effort, especially as the loss of Robert Woods makes the receiving group less threatening, with the exception of Cooper Kupp.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady on Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Photo AFP

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady on Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The other big addition, linebacker Von Miller, is also slow to make his presence felt. There was some pressure, but overall it was a quiet game.

The Rams’ defensive front didn’t take advantage of the Packers fielding their third tackle from the left, Yosh Nijman, to protect Aaron Rodgers. The overall defense was unable to dampen overhead play.

There is one element that is troubling, above all, for the Rams. This season, their 6-0 record against teams playing for .500 and under. Against teams with a winning record, the Rams’ record drops to 1-4.

Nice depth

While the Rams have built their roster on bringing all-star players to key positions, the Packers
bet on a rich depth.

Injuries to important players like Jaire Alexander, Za’Darius Smith, David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins do not result in a downturn.

Rodgers (307 yards, two touchdowns, one rushing touchdown) continues to play great football. On the ground, when Aaron Jones is out of shape, the beefy AJ Dillon takes over in addition to contributing in the aerial game.

A few defensive hires have not made any noise, but pay big. Just think of the impact of linebacker De’Vondre Campbell, marauder Adrian Amos or cornerback Rasul Douglas, who scored a touchdown on an interception return.

When the Packers signed these players, it was total indifference across the league. Look who’s making noise today.

Leonard Fournette
With four touchdowns, 100 rushing yards and seven receptions for 31 yards, the running back was the spark plug for the Buccaneers. His touchdown on a 28-yard rush in the closing moments of the fourth quarter ended the debate against the Colts.

Joe Mixon
For only the third time this season, Joe Mixon has inherited at least 25 litters and for the third time the Bengals’ approach has paid off. The runner finished with 165 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

Jaelan Phillips
Quite a game for the Dolphins’ first-round pick in the last draft, Jaelan Phillips! Three quarterback sacks, four loss tackles and one pass knockdown contributed to the Dolphins’ fourth straight win.

Les Patriots
The Patriots were facing an injury riddled attack, but they still did the job they expected to extend their streak to six wins. Mac Jones played well with 310 yards and two touchdowns.

The Broncos
Thanks to their victory against the Chargers, the Broncos are rising in the portrait of the playoffs. If these started today, they would be part of the tournament. The two division rivals will meet again in week 17.

Cam Newton
The Panthers quarterback had his worst game of his career in terms of completed passes (5) and winning percentage (23.8%). He threw two interceptions. It’s a great story, the return to Carolina, but not necessarily a great solution.

Les Steelers
For the second game in a row, they allowed 41 points. With the difference that this week, the offense was as extinct as the defense. Ben Roethlisberger suffered three turnovers.

Les Eagles
What a missed opportunity to get closer to a place in the playoffs! For the first time in his young career, quarterback Jalen Hurts threw three interceptions and accumulated just 129 passing yards.

The Colts
The Colts wasted two 10-point leads against the Buccaneers. Before a prolific streak in the fourth quarter, forward Jonathan Taylor was limited to 25 rushing yards.

The Vikings
The Mauves lost the game, in addition to losing the services of forward Dalvin Cook, tackle Christian Darrisaw and linebacker Anthony Barr. Every time this club gives hope to its supporters, it crumbles.

Monday’s confrontation | week 12

Seahawks de Seattle | 3-7


Russell Wilson

10 tds | 3 ints | 1564 vgs

  • Division ranking: 4
  • Offensive: 30e
  • Defensive: 31e

Washington team: 4-6

Taylor Heinicke

15 tds | 9 ints | 2390 vgs

  • Division ranking: 3
  • Offensive: 19e
  • Defensive: 23e

5 games of the week

1. Winfield imite Moss

During his glorious career, wide receiver Randy Moss accustomed fans to his spectacular receptions, jumping over his roofer to catch the ball. Yesterday, in the duel between the Buccaneers and the Colts, it was Antoine Winfield who managed such a game, with the difference that he is a marauder rather than a receiver. The sophomore jumped off his 5’9 “to steal the ball from Michael Pittman Jr., a 6’4” big receiver. The interception then allowed the Bucs to regain control of the game.

2. J.C. Jackson s’illustre

In the Titans-Patriots duel, the Titans trailed 13-19 and their forward D’Onta Foreman had a good 30-yard run, until cornerback JC Jackson, a turnaround ace. , makes him lose the ball. Better yet, at the start of the fourth quarter, he practically ended the debate by intercepting a pass from Ryan Tannehill in the end zone on a fourth down.

3. Comedy of errors

The Eagles did everything they could to lose to the Giants. It all started when Boston forward Scott made a critical fumble in the fourth quarter. The Eagles still got another chance and on two occasions receiver Jalen Reagor missed two long passes from Jalen Hurts. Both games weren’t convenient, but the Eagles’ 2020 first-round pick should succeed in such games.

4. Like father, like son

Broncos rookie cornerback Patrick Surtain II was already having a very prolific first year. He had two interceptions, one of which he brought into the end zone. This touchdown put an end to the Chargers’ hopes. Life makes things funny since this first touchdown in career for Surtain took place in Denver. His father ironically scored his last touchdown on an interception return to Denver.

5. Invincible Deebo !

Deebo Samuel is a weapon of mass destruction for the 49ers. The receiver is illustrated as much on the ground as on the pass and this time, it is on the ground that he hurt the Vikings. He scored a touchdown on a 20-yard run before adding a second. He became the first receiver with at least one rushing touchdown in three straight games since 1970.



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