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Néstor García’s first 12 to face Paraguay

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The coach announced the squad for the first game this Friday and explained why he stayed with 17 and the reason why he could change for the second game.

Néstor García and his coaching staff announced the 12 players that the National Team will use in the first game of this qualifying window for the 2023 World Cup.

Bases: Juan Brussino and Sebastián Orresta.
Escorts: Carlos Delfino, Matías Solanas and Luciano González
Eaves: Marcos Mata and Agustín Barreiro
Pivot Wing: Juan Fernández, Federico Aguerre and Nicolás Romano
Pivots: Kevin Hernández and Tayavek Gallizzi.

The rival will be Paraguay, from 9:10 p.m., with television from TyC Sports and DirecTV. The head coach first reported that he decided not to make player withdrawals (he will keep the 17 summoned until Sunday), “Because I really saw them all very well, with a lot of desire and with a very high parity in all positions. I especially asked the leaders of the Confederation… The only bad thing, unfortunately, is that I have to choose 12 for each party ”.

For this first game, Leandro Vildoza, Franco Baralle, Martín Cuello, Martín Fernández and Lautaro Berro were left out. But the coach clarified that this may change for the second game, against the same rival, also in Obras, but at 10:10 p.m.

“I, in particular, really want to see them play. I feel very hungry and that gives me a lot of confidence in how they will defend the colors of our jersey. There were few practices, just five, but they showed me all came to give, none to ask. And I was really surprised by how much they know the game and the defensive intensity they can display ”, Che completed.


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