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Neither Dak Prescott MVP, nor the contending Cowboys

by archysport

Sunday’s game represented an excellent opportunity for Dak Prescott and the Cowboys to proclaim themselves as true contenders in the National Conference. That’s why it was so important for Dallas to beat the Chiefs in Kansas City.

Amari Cooper (COVID-19) missed the game at Arrowhead and CeeDee Lamb he was shocked at the end of the first half. Without his two best wide receivers, Prescott was unable to move the Cowboys’ offense, which was dominated from the kickoff by the Kansas City defense.

The Chiefs’ front end was too much for a patchy Dallas offensive line, which missed left tackle. Tyron Smith, replaced by Terence Steele. Steele was humiliated all afternoon by Chris Jones, who finished with 3.5 of the five sacks over Prescott.

Dak didn’t have a good game. He was distracted, confused, and missed passes that he usually connects with ease. Like the one in the game’s first offensive drive for Dallas, when he was all alone Michael Gallup down the right wing, or the pass that was intercepted in the diagonals, after a fumble of Patrick mahomes, forced by the newbie Micah Parsons.

“Annoying,” Prescott said at the end of the game. “It bothers me when I don’t play well, the team doesn’t play well and the offense doesn’t play well.”

The offense generated just 276 yards, the lowest all season.

“We had a great opportunity to go out and play against a team that has been in the Super Bowl the last few years and show ourselves, show ourselves what we are capable of,” added the quarterback.

It was Prescott’s second bad game in three weeks. Against Denver he only completed 48.7% of his shipments, and although he did finish with two touchdown passes, they were in the last four minutes of the game, when Denver led 30-0 at AT&T Stadium. “Garbage Time”, as it is known.

Yesterday at Arrowhead he went 28 of 43, 216 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions. Additionally, he lost a fumble in the Cowboys’ second drive, leaving Mahomes and the Chiefs the ball at the Dallas 22-yard line.

“The defense did a good enough job that we won this game. The offense didn’t do the job and it starts with me, “added Prescott.

Contestants or suitors?

Before the game, Prescott was in the conversation to be MVP and Dallas was considered one of the favorites in the NFC to play the Super Bowl.

None of that makes sense one day after the humiliating loss to the Chiefs, who for their part established themselves as one of the contenders in the AFC with their fourth straight win.

Absences on offense cannot be an excuse for a contender and Dak must raise his level of play against this class of rivals.

Because defenses of that level or better are going to be found along the way, particularly in the Playoffs with Arizona, Green Bay, Tampa Bay and the Rams as possible rivals. No more “Super Bowl” when it comes to the Cowboys, not at least until January 2, when Dallas receives the Cardinals (9-2), today first in the NFC seed.

Because with yesterday’s loss, these Cowboys looked more like suitors than contenders.

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