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No, basketball is not a game of chance. This is about discipline, hard work and dedication. World-class players ended up in the NBA not because they were lucky, but because they dedicated themselves to the sport for years of their lives. So it’s no wonder that many of them now and then look for relaxation in a field that brings excitement and entertainment, but takes the burden of having to do it yourself off their shoulders. Interestingly, there are numerous (former) players who are absolute gambling fans and have made no secret of it.

The king of the skies is a fan of Fortuna

It’s just an impossibility to write about basketball without mentioning Michael “Air” Jordan, even if it’s not directly about the game. It is no secret that basketball and Las Vegas are closely linked and it is well known that many superstars travel to the sparkling gambling city to party, bet and immerse themselves in the crowd. The king of the skies is no exception. He really tried everything from poker to sports betting to golf and bet everywhere. In addition to Las Vegas, Michael Jordan also made his bets in Atlantic City, the second capital of US gambling. With an estimated net worth of $ 1.6 billion, he’s probably not too afraid of potential losses. It is no coincidence that he has the reputation of being an absolute high roller.

From Cleveland to the card table

Another avowed fan of NBA star gambling is JR Smith. The Cleveland star is apparently just as disciplined in the game as in sports. Because after breaking into his villa, the list of stolen valuables included a box containing 15,000 USD. Apart from drug dealers, hardly anyone at home stores such sums in cash, especially not a millionaire NBA star. But his explanation was perfectly plausible. Because JR Smith stored his “play money” in this box, that is, money that he could and wanted to wager in his favorite games of blackjack and poker. He also loves slots and is reportedly so confident about these machines that he never uses free spins.

Luck in the game only on the basketball court

Charles Barkley is known for two things: To demolish the glass planks behind the baskets because it was hanging on the basket and to have lost huge sums of money in gambling. Yes indeed. The exceptional player loves to gamble, but Fortuna doesn’t seem to love him back. The NBA star is said to have gambled away a whopping 15 million dollars. A sum that would certainly bring tears to the eyes of ordinary people, but which would only cost the multi-million dollar athlete and advertising medium a weary smile. At one point he is said to have lost $ 2.5 million in a single game of blackjack and failed to pay off a debt of $ 400,000. We do not know whether it is still allowed in this casino today. But he could always try his luck at a no-registration casino. This website shows casinos that do not require registration.

Someone who doesn’t know how to joke

Discipline is a core element of success as a professional athlete. Charles Oakley was and is one who has always been courageous outside of the field and when gambling. He doesn’t understand jokes and always keeps a cool head. What earned him a remarkable career on the field helped him minimize his losses in gambling. He also has a reputation for being meticulous when it comes to paying off debts – especially when other players owe him money. Not that he needs it, but Oakley is a principled man. That’s why he didn’t care much for the $ 10,000 fine NBA to pay when he got into an argument with a fellow player about unpaid betting debts.

Two terrifying examples

However, not all stars have their gaming behavior as firmly under control as JRSmith. Antoine Walker was one of the people whose gambling addiction even led to the end of his professional career. The star of the Celtics was a frequent visitor to casinos. So common that he would often spend entire nights in casinos wagering and losing so much that even his NBA salary and an estimated $ 100 million fortune were insufficient to pay off the debt.

Another player whose gambling addiction put his career at risk is Alan Iverson. The Sixers star became addicted to alcohol as well as gambling addiction, and got to a point where he lived hand-to-mouth. Unfortunately, even he could not counter the addiction enough. Although he was considered an absolute exceptional talent, addiction won.

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