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NBA: LeBron James excludes two spectators from the first row

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Hors of him. LeBron James, who faced the Pacers with his Lakers team Wednesday, November 24, came out of his game a few minutes to push a rant. He asked the referee to exclude two young people, seated in the first row, according to information spotted in particular by Eurosport. The two people, a young man and a young woman, were said to have been insulting and also allegedly made obscene gestures towards certain players.

On the images broadcast live by ESPN, the broadcaster of NBA games in the United States, we can see LeBron James, quite angry, go get the referee and point the finger at the two spectators who disturbed him. The young couple complied, not without a disappointed pout (understandable when you know that a place in the front row costs several thousand dollars…).

“This should not be tolerated on the part of anyone”

After the match, won 124 to 116 by the Lakers, LeBron James spoke on American television about this incident: “There is a difference between encouraging your players, whistling your opponents or not wanting them to succeed. And then there are times when it goes overboard with obscene gestures and words. It shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone, ”he said.

LeBron James, who also explained that he would not allow himself to insult a fan or another player like that, took revenge on the field. He scored 39 points, more than any other player in this game.

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