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NBA: Hallucinate with the video of the best moments of Luka Doncic in the NBA

by archysport

Cor coinciding with the sensational return of Luka Doncic to the fields last morning, NBA 2K paid tribute to the Slovenian superstar today through a commemorative video that reviews some of the highlights of his career. The piece shows his evolution since he was appointed ambassador of NBA 2K19 in Spain, in the summer before his NBA debut, until he became a world phenomenon and on the NBA 2K22 global cover athlete just 22 years old.

Luka’s return culminated in a overtime win against Los Angeles Clippers, team against which he has starred in two exciting Playoff duels and in whose memorable encounters he has achieved several of the impressive records featured in this tribute video. Among them, register the Highest scoring in NBA history in a Playoff debut games, with 42 points, or become the first player to score more than 250 points, more than 70 rebounds and more than 70 assists in his first 8 games postseason.

‘They will know your name’ it was the first mini-documentary that NBA 2K dedicated to Luka Doncic in 2018, before making the leap to the NBA at 19 years of age. Ms de three seasons and 200 games later, when the name of the Slovenian player is already known throughout the world, NBA 2K launches this new commemorative video during what is being his fourth year in the NBA.


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