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Morris: “The referees can’t breathe near Luka Doncic”

by archysport

In the Western Conference, a fairly electric rivalry has been created, sparks are close to being literal, and in each confrontation that is repeated also in the regular phase, something remarkable happens. The latest in this saga between the Clippers and Mavericks, who have met in the title playoffs two years in a row, ended in overtime (and away win) on the day that Luka Doncic was returning from a double minor injury.

After the match Marcus MorrisOne of the mainstays of why this clash has become so violent on some occasions, he complained bitterly about the treatment of the referees. “The referees don’t let me breathe on Doncic”, he stressed. However, when talking about how tight these matches are against the Texans, he puffed out his chest for the overall results: “When you beat someone too many times, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. We beat them all the time.”.

Morris He is one of the main people in charge of defending Doncic. In this last match, he left the still limping Slovenian, who was doubtful until the last minute, to pick up his pace, make him hit the first triples already on the brink of halftime after a series of very bad shots, press to make a two against one badly executed and In short, let Luka live so that he, with the help of his teammates, could take this game forward.

Morris has already had very serious problems in the past with Doncic. The Clippers forward deliberately took it on Doncic in the first of two series, the one from more than a year ago in the Lake Buena Vista bubble. In Game 5, he deliberately stepped on an ankle that the Mavs had injured. Not happy with it, in the sixth, he hit the European genius from behind with great force in what ended with a flagrant foul that led to expulsion.

Doncic came back and played 41 minutes. He was the catalyst for the team, but his union with Porzingis. The Clippers have thrown them two years in a row from the title fight and the relationship between the two young internationals was in question because of the many different roles played against Los Angeles, something that changed in the last duel. There are two more this season, at least those scheduled, two in a row in Dallas during the month of February 2022.

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