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MLB New York Mets Mesh Adjustable Baseball Cap, 26% off $8.04

by archysport

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Currently Nordstrom Rack’s MLB New York Mets Mesh adjustable baseball cap is priced at 26% off for $8.07. Free shipping for orders over $89, suitable for picking up the order and bringing it back.

This baseball bat has a curved brim, effective shading, and stylish style. Adjustable design on the back, small holes on the body, 100% cotton, comfortable and breathable.

Order guide:

1. Nordstrom Rack discount network does not support direct mail to China. You need to place an order through transshipment. Generally, free shipping within the United States is over $100;

2. The website supports international credit cards. Haitao has a certain chance of cutting orders.

3. Newcomers can refer to the basic strategy of Haitao.


Nordstrom Rack is the discount store of Nordstrom, a high-end department store in the United States. Its products include clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, and jewelry. The business philosophy of the store: to provide customers with the best service, best quality, and great price. There are physical stores in the United States, and online stores have men’s and women’s clothing, bags and beautiful shoes, all at discounted prices, and there are often cabbage to pick up.

Friendly Reminder: “MLB New York Mets Mesh Adjustable Baseball Cap” product and discount information (26% off $8.04) comes from partner merchants. It is time-sensitive and regional. “Hat” discount information and product prices will change at any time, please buy it Always pay attention to verification, based on the real-time information of the merchant and the price of the product, this site does not assume any form of responsibility.

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