MLB: Atlanta Braves win World Series

Houston (AP) – 26 years of waiting were over, the Atlanta Braves had won the World Series for the fourth time in their history – you only heard their fans in Houston.

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At 10:33 p.m. local time on Tuesday evening, the fourth win in the best-of-seven series against the Houston Astros was perfect – and at the award ceremony less than 20 minutes later in Minute Maid Park, almost only the guest fans from Atlanta were in Stadion. “There’s no place more deserving of this than Atlanta,” said Dansby Swanson. He had ended the game with his throw to first base. “There are no words how much that means to this city.”

Homerun puts Braves in the lead

Jorge Soler, who was honored as the most valuable player in the final series, had brought the Braves, who had started as underdogs in the World Series, 3-0 lead with a home run in the third inning. Three more points in the fifth inning were the preliminary decision in the encounter, which turned into an unexpected 7-0 debacle for the hosts.

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“I have no words. That’s it. That’s all you worked for. We are world champions. That sounds great, ”said Freddie Freeman, who has played for the Braves for twelve years and is the face of the team. “We had injuries this year, took every pothole that could be used, and now we’re world champions. That is outstanding. “

The Braves suffered badly on Sunday when they could have done everything perfectly in their last home game and celebrated in front of their own fans. It also got off to a good start with the Grand Slam and a 4-0 lead in the first inning. But the home team slipped out of their hands and ended up with a bitter 5: 9. The vast majority of Braves fans therefore had to watch the game from a distance. Tens of thousands had gathered in and in front of the Atlanta stadium while Houston was playing.

The advantage of a home game brought the Astros just as little as at the start of the World Series, when the Braves caused a surprise with a 6-2 in Houston and apparently had already drawn the most important trump cards on their side.

Is superstar Correa leaving the Astros?

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The team from Texas now has to wait for the second title within five years despite the third World Series participation. The first was in 2017 – and it is very controversial. Despite a proven fraud – the Astros spied on the signals of the opponents and thus also gained an advantage in the final series against the Los Angeles Dodgers – they were allowed to keep the championship. With opposing fans, however, the Astros have since been extremely unpopular and trash cans are an often used sign of rejection. Garbage can because the Astros transmitted the information about the espionage by knocking on a garbage can. Most of the fans of the other teams were in favor of the Braves in the World Series.

And now the end of an era threatens the Astros: the possible farewell to superstar Carlos Correa. “I’ve done everything in my power to make this team a better club,” said the 27-year-old – who has been with the Astros since 2012 – to his teammates after the defeat. “And I’m proud of my time here.” After this address, there are fears that the Texans will not be able to keep their shortstop Correa. “I hope it’s not all over yet,” said coach Dusty Baker.

Strictly speaking, it is only the second championship for the Atlanta Braves – for the 1957 title, Milwaukee was the team’s home, and in 1914 the Braves were at home in Boston. But none of that played a role on Tuesday in Houston and for the fans back home in Atlanta – after all, the Astros have been rooted there since 1966.

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