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“Milan won thanks to this move by Pioli”

by archysport

Mario Bewilderment, through an intervention on Corriere della Sera, thus analyzed the victory of the Milan onAtletico Madrid:

The result was composed slowly in the second half also thanks to four changes together. Pioli looked for fantasy and above all added Messias. It was the right shot. He dominated Milan for a long time, shooting little on goal, but against an opponent who never shot. There was often confusion, then with the effort, with the changes, the linearity of Milan emerged, I would also say its quality. It is a result that expands Milan and brings players to the team who have never yet been seen, confirming a construction that has been studied for a long time piece by piece. It’s difficult to understand how it will end, but at least we can say that Milan played football for once as they know in Europe too “.

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