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Meeting with the Gabinese Judo Entente

by archysport
November 24, 2021

Each week, the French Handisport Federation invites you to discover a club labeled disabled sport across France. This week, we are going to meet the Gabinian Judo Entente which obtained the “club label” for this sporting season.

Why did you want to obtain the Handisport label?
For the dissemination of communication and information on the practice of sport at the club, as well as for the recognition of the club and its actors.

Which event is the club most proud of?
For each party or club event, inclusion is always required thanks to the strong will of the club and the unwavering commitment of our teachers!

Do you have a club story to share?
Our pride is to be the most inclusive club possible. Every moment is to be savored!

Why join the Gabinese Judo Entente?
Quite simply because it is good to live there. It is a real place of socialization for members, children and their parents.


President : Mme. Muriel BOUSSUGES

City : Gagny (93)
Sports : Judo
Label : Label club

Phone. 09 54 79 78 78
[email protected]


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More info about the club

Handisport labeling

Handisport labeling is a recognition device for Handisport associations in several areas (leisure / youth / high-level / sport-health). The candidate association for one or more labels according to its orientation. The application period is in April for labeling the following sports season.

Find all the information to join the process

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