mature and fair Red Flames give Poland no chance (4-0)

They could not lose to Poland to continue to hope to play in the 2023 World Cup, and we can say that they accomplished their mission brilliantly: the Red Flames beat the Poles 4-0 and regain second place in Group F to their evening adversaries.

After a quarter of an hour of breaking in, the Flames opened the scoring by Tine De Caigny. Hannah Eurlings took the break shortly after half an hour of play, while Janice Cayman set the score at 3-0 before the break. A signed Polish autobut Messiah, who arrived early in the second period, increased the score a little more. The Belgians had many opportunities to further develop the scorer, without succeeding, but while managing the meeting perfectly. A precious victory, with nice goals: a successful evening for Belgium this Tuesday evening in Leuven, the last of the women’s national team this year!

The Belgians put in good pressure in the Polish half of the field at the start of the game, while being rather reassuring in defense. Until the fourteenth minute, no clear opportunity is to be noted on either side.

At the limit of offside, the Flames open the scoring! Well served by Tessa Wullaert, Tine De Caigny deceives the opposing goalkeeper with the tip of her foot, 1-0. A nice goal to put the team on the right track.

The Belgians get a great opportunity to make it 2-0 in stride but Eurlings loses their duel with the Polish defenders.

In the 22nd minute, Poland were in a high point. But the Belgian defense remains attentive, without panicking, serenity emerges from the team.

Despite everything, they found themselves in an even more complicated situation a few minutes later on a Polish corner. Nicky Evrard releases a somewhat miraculous save. The defense follows well and manages to disentangle itself as best they can, it’s still 1-0.

Belgium was in turn dangerous before the half hour mark, but the Polish defense quickly fell back and Tessa Wullaert found no one in the small rectangle.

On the action which follows, the stadium rejoices, believing in 2-0, but an offside situation is signaled.

The Flames were not discouraged and made the break in the 33rd minute! The action is collective, and the Belgians have to do it twice to finally see Hannah Eurlings double the bet, 2-0, another nice goal from Belgium.

Cayman also gets a great opportunity moments later. Definitely, the Belgians are well in this meeting.

Not very happy, Janice insisted and sent the ball to the back of the net on the following action, 3-0! What a nice goal!

Frustration is born in the Polish ranks and some faults are a little too deep. The referee begins to take out the boxes.

We saw great things during this first half, a lively meeting that gradually turned in favor of the Red Flames!

Second period

The Poles start again rather badly since they offer the fourth goal to the Belgians, Mesjasz deflects the ball at the back of his own net, 4-0. It is becoming very difficult for the visitors on Tuesday evening.

The 5-0 ball was in the feet of the Flames in the 56th, but they showed themselves a little too collective… while the supporters present in Leuven set the mood, it must be said that the spectacle is there!

The accelerations of Tessa Wullaert hurt the opposing defense and the 5-0 does not seem very far … the Poles are suffering!

Belgium continues to dominate this meeting. She could score more goals, but no need to be too greedy. We see very beautiful things on the lawn!

Again and again opportunities for Belgium. But the score will no longer change. A great victory full of maturity for the Flames who gave us a nice show while ensuring the essential: the three points!



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