Mass panic at the Houston music festival: rappers Scott and Drake sued

Houston –

After a mass panic with eight dead at a music festival in the US state of Texas, rappers Travis Scott and Drake were sued for “inciting chaos”. Thomas J. Henry Law law firm confirmed Sunday that it had filed the lawsuit. The plaintiff is the 23-year-old Kristian Paredes, who was seriously injured in the mass panic.

The accident occurred on Friday evening at the Astroworld Festival in central Houston. Eight people died and 25 other festival-goers suffered injuries and had to be hospitalized, some of them cardiac arrest. Investigations into the causes of the mass panic are currently ongoing.

Concert promoter Live Nation is also suing

According to Houston’s fire chief Samuel Peña, a crowd huddled in front of the stage, causing the panic. “Within a few minutes, several people went down and suffered a kind of cardiac arrest,” said the investigators.

The complaint states that Scott has wreaked havoc at previous events. Drake is alleged to have heated the mood even further when he came on stage. He continued his show even though the crowd was out of control. The concert promoter Live Nation was also sued by Paredes.

The Astroworld Festival has been organized by Scott since 2018. The 29-year-old said he was shocked by the incidents. (afp)




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