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Many places for Huesca in the National Infant-Cadet

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The Alto Aragonese clubs achieved classify a good part of its athletes for the Spanish Championship for children and cadets which will be held on December 4 and 5 in Madrid, thanks to a good performance in Monzalbarba, where the second phase of the Aragon Championship for both categories was held.

El Binéfar Judo Club, Directed by Antonio Clager, he won five gold medals in the cadet category thanks to Alejandra Pérez (-52 kg), Roman Vicente (-73 kg), Alba Sánchez (-63 kg), Din Mack (-81 kg) and Mama Coulibaly ( +70 kg).

Judokas cadets of CJ Binéfar, who achieved brilliant results in Monzalbarba.

Hugo Terés (-66 kg) and Raúl Arilla (-81 kg) got silver medals and Miguel Ferrer (-66 kg) and Óscar Ortega (-60 kg) took bronze. Inés Palacín made a magnificent competition at -57 kg, despite not getting on the podium.

On infant category Sandra Naval got the gold in -63 kg, while Sandro Pla (-55 kg) and Yesenia Padilla (-63 kg) took the silver and Sara Rico achieved the bronze in +63 kg.

Nine of the fourteen athletes from Binéfar qualified for the Nacional: the cadets Alejandra Pérez (-52 kg), Alba Sánchez (-63 kg) and Mama Coulibaly (+70 kg), Hugo Terés (-66 kg), Roman Vicente (-73 kg), Din Mack and Raúl Arilla (-81 kg) and the children Yesenia Padilla and Sandra Naval (-63 kg), all of them within the Technification Program of the Aragonese Judo Federation and DA

The Club Ibón School he achieved eight golds with his competitors, a sensational record for the Huesca club.

Among the cadets, Alex Scofield (-50 kg), Lorién Jiménez (-66 kg), and Verónica Blanco (-57 kg) won their weights. They got silvers for Daniel Nogarol (-73 kg) and Miruna Raduleanu (-48 kg) and bronzes for Lorién Mur (-73kg) and Javier García (-81 kg). Nerea Jubero did not reach the podium.

Between the infantile victories were achieved by Víctor Laguarta (-38 kg), Jon García (-55 kg), David Marí (-60 kg), Javier Benedí (-66 kg) and Angui Guerrero (-44 kg). In second place were Samuel Gayo (-38 kg), Pedro Morcate (-60 kg) and Clara Barrio (-48 kg) and Irene Miranda (-57 kg), Andrés Otero (-46 kg), Mario Jubero and Jaime won bronze. Mur (-42 kg), and Jeremy Jordan and Andrés Grueso also participated, although they did not manage to reach the medals.

A great success for them and for their coaches Raúl and María Poblador, which will culminate in two weeks, since nine of them together with Alba Ramírez -52 kg, classified directly for achieving this same year a medal in the Junior Spanish Championship, They will participate in the Spanish School Age Championship, in which they hope to achieve great results.

By the Judo Club Huesca, there were also titles and good results. In children, Carlos Martín was gold and Gabriel Gómez and Emma Atarés were bronze.

Representation of the Judo Huesca Club in the Aragonese competition.

Representation of the Judo Huesca Club in the Aragonese competition.

And in cadet category Eduardo Miranda and Candela Pérez won. They were Julia Sánchez, Alex Andrade, Ana Casas, Laura González and Guillermo Gracia. And they obtained bronzes Carlota Tolosana, Leonor Galindo, Julia Sánchez, Andrés Cejalvo.

On the part of the Judo Samurai School, There was a gold in cadets by Jorge Laguarta (-60 kg) and Nicolás Fabra (-73 kg) could not fight for the medals.

The Samurai School performed well in the Monzalbarba competition.

The Samurai School performed well in the Monzalbarba competition.

On infantile Luis Banzo (-60 kg) got the bronze. Elías Garzo (-46 kg) and Joaquín Aniés (-60 kg) were left out of the podium in a competition that helps them gain experience.

Jorge Laguarta will play the Spanish Championship by the Samurai.

National League

The Binéfar Judo Club closed the National League of Teams staying very close to the promotion of category.

He arrived at the appointment without being able to cover one of the weights due to the recent injuries of Moussa Macalou and Sergio García. That did not stop them be up to par and despite this clear numerical inferiority With which the team led by coach Raúl Clemente and composed of Manuel Alonso, Leonardo Cruz, Oriol Salvador and Álvaro Antoñanzas started, they managed to beat Sport Judo Valdemoro (2-3) and lost by a tight 2-2 with Sakura Madrid breaking the tie by the minimum. Finally they fell against Judo San Sebastian (4-1) and Judo Vallés-Fuji Mae (0-4) leaving the team one step away from promotion this year.


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