Manager war at Fortuna: PFANNENSTIEL Uwe Klein is a liar! – 2nd Bundesliga

Manager Zoff at Fortuna!

It’s about a former Düsseldorf goalkeeper who was never used by the professionals, but is now responsible for a lot of explosive material between the current manager Uwe Klein (51) and the former Lutz Pfannenstiel (48): Maduka Okoye (22)!

Review: Last summer the goalkeeper moved to Sparta Rotterdam on a free transfer, his contract in Düsseldorf had expired. Problem: The Holland Club was financially weak and could not even afford the training allowance set by FIFA. The deal: Fortuna had a 15 percent stake in the resale guaranteed and waived the training allowance.

Foto: picture alliance / ANP

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Mega talent! Fortuna let Okoye pull significantly below valueFoto: picture alliance / ANP

Now the Watford FC from England became aware of Okoye, bought the now Nigerian national goalkeeper for around 7 million euros a few weeks ago – Düsseldorf receives the agreed 15 percent, i.e. around 1 million euros.

Those are the indisputable facts – the exciting question: Who at Fortuna misjudged Okoye’s talent and let him go so cheaply? If he were still under contract with Fortuna, Düsseldorf would have received the full 7 million euros for him – and not just a measly 15 percent of the transfer fee …

The matter is clear to Klein. The current Fortuna manager blames his predecessor Pfannenstiel for the buck.

Klein Friday evening before the Heidenheim bankruptcy (0: 1) on “Sky”: “There were discussions and decisions, I wasn’t responsible yet. I have only been the sports director since June 1, 2020. The decision was made under Lutz Pfannenstiel. If you look at the development of Okoye now, you can say that it was a wrong decision. It is sometimes the case that players leave the club if they are not shown the sporting perspective. Okoye was not seen as number 3 back then, but Dennis Gorka. “

In plain language: Klein does not want to have anything to do with this business, instead distributes a heavy verbal slapstick to his predecessor Pfannenstiel – he screwed up the deal and slept through Okoye’s talent.

Pfannenstiel are maddened by these claims! BILD reached him in the USA, where he has been Sports Director at St. Louis City since August last year.

He can’t hide the fact that he’s really angry: “First of all, I have to be very clear that it’s not my style to follow suit. Since my resignation, I haven’t said a bad word about Fortuna or my former colleagues. But if Uwe Klein of all people has the nerve to say something like that in public, then I just have to defend myself and say it very clearly: Uwe Klein doesn’t even blush when he lies! “

Schiebt alle Schuld von sich! Fortuna-Manager Klein steht wegen des Okoye-Transfers ordentlich unter DruckFoto: imago images/Contrast

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Put all the guilt away! Fortuna manager Klein is under a lot of pressure because of the Okoye transferFoto: imago images/Contrast

Pfannenstiel recounts what went from his point of view: “Since I deal with this position in more detail as a former goalkeeper, I said very clearly at the time that with Okoye and Gorka we have two talents that we both have to keep and not lose to be allowed to. The decision was then that Gorka stays in Düsseldorf and collects match practice with the 2nd team. I wanted to renew with Okoye and had already worked on a loan deal with Sparta Rotterdam and its advisors. Since they had little money, we would have loaned Maduka for a season and would have contributed a small part of his salary. “

Pfannenstiel continues: “But: He would still have belonged to us! It was always clear to me, and I also communicated that at the club, that it would have been a great deal for Fortuna. A win-win situation for everyone involved. I decided to leave Fortuna at the end of May last year and Uwe Klein became director of sports. One of his first decisions was to cancel my contract extension and loan plans for Okoye and to send away the Nigerian national goalkeeper. “

Pfannenstiel is certain: “This misjudgment is entirely his own account! He is known for always blaming others for making fatal mistakes. But everyone involved knows what it really was like. Uwe Klein alone is responsible for the fact that Fortuna lost several million euros. I just don’t understand what it brings him to brazenly present his fantasy stories live on TV! “

Pfannenstiel is on 180 – and Uwe Klein will now have to face the charge of lying. Because the fans are also very interested in who is ACTUALLY responsible for 6 missing million in the cash register …




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