Lots of guts and lots of flaws

VLast week, after the 1-1 draw against Leipzig in the last second, it was goalkeeper Kevin Trapp who surprised with his judgment. This time, after the 2-1 win at Olympiacos in stoppage time, it was sports director Markus Krösche: “The win was not a happy one,” said the Frankfurt football boss. Trapp had seen the unity against RB at eye level. Now everyone is free to define luck, bad luck and the level of performance according to their own style. But there is such a thing as standards that are based on decades of comparisons.

And it remains to be said: Eintracht can increase the successes it has achieved selectively this season as it wants, they are not an expression of solid quality, but of a great willingness to suffer, pronounced frustration tolerance and a good portion of luck. If she continues to play like this, she will not be happy this season, there is not that much luck in football.

After moving into the knockout round of the Europa League, the hope popped up again that everything will now be fine. That the tension is loosening and the unity begins to play football. But it is not that simple. The Frankfurt football professionals are not primarily tormented by a mental problem, but by a lack of playing ability.

How come? As a collective, they lack the time they need to bring their footballing qualities to the field. “What qualities?”, Cynics may ask in view of the persistent drought in the Frankfurt midfield. But Sow, Rode, Hasebe, Jakic, Durm, Chandler, Touré and Hrustic have proven in the past that they know how to handle the ball and can pass it on to a teammate without an accident. And the offensive forces Borré, Hauge, Lindström and Lammers also have more to offer than they recently showed because they simply cannot find the calm and space to create something with the ball.

If they had the caliber and the extraordinary ball safety of Bayern stars, the current hectic in the Eintracht game might not harm them. But that’s not what they are. As the Eintracht budget allows, they are just solid Bundesliga professionals with a very good mentality, as their behavior on the sports field shows. This virtue is also the reason why Eintracht wins a game every now and then, despite all its shortcomings.




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