Liverpool – Atlético de Madrid: The Reds dominate Atlético again

Liverpool are irresistible. Sharp from the start, the Reds made short work of an Atlético de Madrid team overwhelmed by the strike force of the formation of Jürgen Klopp. After conceding two goals from Diogo Jota and Sadio Mané during the first 20 minutes of play, the Colchoneros were reduced to ten before the break following the expulsion of Felipe (2-0). With this new demonstration, Liverpool has already won his ticket to the knockout stages of the Champions League while Diego Simeone’s men find themselves third in group B, one point behind FC Porto.

Intouchables Reds

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Unlike the first leg, during which the start of the meeting was glowing, Atlético and Liverpool studied each other for long minutes. But that was just a decoy: The Reds finally set Anfield on fire much sooner than they seemingly expected. Because Diogo Jota finally took only 13 short minutes to open the scoring, with a diving header following a perfect cross from Alexander-Arnold from the right side (1-0, 13th).

And faced with the porosity of his opponent’s defensive block, the formation of Jürgen Klopp quickly reproduced the scenario of two weeks ago. After a good collective work to make the Colchoneros defense go crazy, Sadio Mané shifted Alexander-Arnold to the entry of the box. Without asking any questions, the latter unleashed a powerful strike low to the ground that Oblak thought he could capture without incident.

But that was without counting the Senegalese striker, who appeared at the penalty spot to deflect the trajectory of the ball, and at the same time score his 23rd goal in the Champions League in the Liverpool jersey, making him the 3rd best scorer in the history of the Reds in European competitions (2-0, 21st).

And as if that were not enough for Atlético, the referee decided to bury all hope for Diego Simeone’s proteges by issuing a severe red card against Felipe, punished for a trip to Sadio. Mané near the central circle. Led by two goals and outnumbered, the Colchoneros managed not to be definitively dropped before the break only thanks to the gloves of Jan Oblak, who won in front of Mohamed Salah (42nd) and Diogo Jota (43rd).

A largely dominated death group

But the last 45 minutes were only a formality for the gang to Jürgen Klopp, who had declared before the meeting that he wanted “avoid a final“by pocketing the three points for the fourth time in as many games, synonymous with direct qualification in the round of 16 two days from the end, despite this group B defines as that of death, along with AC Milan and FC Porto.

Because the Reds have left no hope for their opponents. Without ever having a break, Atlético believed to concede a third goal upon returning from the locker room, but Diogo Jota saw his double invalidated by video refereeing because of a very slight offside (48th). Then Mohamed Salah stumbled on the good return of De Paul (52nd) and Matip was unsuccessful when a corner fell (53rd).

Faced with the Colchoneros’ inability to be dangerous (no shot on target), the Reds gradually released the pressure put on their opponents, contenting themselves with spinning the ball in front of their supporters who never stopped giving voice to thank this great team. With this fourth victory in C1, Liverpool, who are still undefeated this season after 16 matches in all competitions, hands down their qualification for the round of 16. While Atlético de Madrid will have to win a result against AC Milan on the next day not to experience great disappointment.

Champions League

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