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LIVE. Branko Strupar will soon support KRC Genk, French…

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John van den Brom is looking forward to the difficult away game in Zagreb, the Genk coach told his press chat in the Maksimir Stadium on Wednesday evening.

“I would almost say that it is nice not to have to enter the competition, because we now have another goal in mind, which is to qualify for the Europa League. We still have our fate in our own hands. But of course we can’t travel here with a one in six. We just can’t change that anymore. Certain things were already good last Sunday, other things need to be better. We also discussed that during a video analysis on Monday.”

Despite the one in six, John van den Brom does not want to change much against Zagreb, at least not in terms of formation. “If we suddenly started playing in a completely different way, the players would think: ‘What is the staff doing?’. We don’t have the boys for that either. Yes, there are points for improvement, but also good points. At home against Dinamo we lost 0-3, that sounds tough. But we created quite a few chances, the statistics of the expected goals also proved that. I also know that you don’t get points for that, but you can use it if it goes less.”

Patrik Hrosovsky made a mistake against Beerschot last Sunday and wants to rectify something in Croatia. “We will do everything we can to win here, European football remains something special,” said the Genk midfielder. “Reportedly the stadium is not full, that could be to our advantage, because it can be hellish here.”


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