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Lessons of Week 11 NFL 2021 – Steelers are a good underdog

by archysport

This is the analysis with what was learned in the lessons of the Week 11 of the NFL Season 2021. NOTE: This article will be updated after the game on Monday night.

NE 25, ATL 0

1. The Patriots are at a great level right now, but their real test will come in a couple of weeks against the Bills. There they will see what they really are.

2. Hard that these Falcons could do anything against this defense that I undoubtedly underestimated. As a real threat they only had Kyle Pitts, and Bill Belichick is a specialist in minimizing the opponent’s most important weapon: here it was observed.

IND 41, BUF 15

3. What We Have Been Saying: Outside of the Chiefs, who were playing at their worst, the Bills hadn’t faced a good team all season. The Colts are and here they proved it: it’s time for Sean McDermott to adjust and the most relevant game of the season so far is approaching in the coming weeks.

4. Jonathan Taylor is the best running back in the NFL right now, given that Derrick Henry is injured. Will there be someone who will dispute that to me? The runner is explosive, physical, strong, very fast and also plays very well when it matters most.

BAL 16, CHI 13

5. The Ravens pulling out tough games when it gets tougher, and this again speaks to the great head coach that is John Harbaugh. Without a doubt, one of the best in the NFL.

6. Continue to give Fields experience and make his life as easy as possible; there’s no other option. And let’s not hesitate if Matt Nagy leaves in a couple of weeks.

CLE 13, DET 10

7. It doesn’t take much to beat these Lions; in fact, the fact that the Browns suffered like this speaks very badly of them, especially considering that their running backs averaged 5.6 yards per carry.

8. Every week I have a hard time getting something to say about the Lions. This week there is no other choice but to talk about the great talent of D’Andre Swift, and that I hope he will not be wasted throughout his career. 134 yards on just 14 carries: 9.1 yards per carry. He is a great runner.

HOLD 22, TEN 13

9. It was a tough position for the Titans: they had just won six games in a row, they are dealing with a lot of injuries and they surely had this game marked as a W on the schedule. Your job will be to get a little conservative going forward, and while you should keep winning, it’s still more important to stay as healthy as possible. Mike Vrabel has proven to be a great coach, and I don’t see why they can’t come back to a better level after this loss.

10. Only one factor contributed to the Texans’ victory: interceptions. Outside of there, I don’t see a single dominant performance from this team. They couldn’t even push Ryan Tannehill well.

MIN 34, GB 31

11. It is shown here that the Packers defense was overrated, and not only because they played badly in this game, but because what they were doing was against seedy offenses or a mirage, because the opposing offense had not taken advantage of their opportunities in the red zone .

12. Spectacular Kirk Cousins ​​game: 341 yards, 3 touchdowns, 68% complete passes and 128 rating, cementing the narrative that his best game time is at 12 noon.

MIA 24, NYJ 17

13. From time to time it is worth giving credit to Tua Tagovailoa. He threw more than 250 yards and had a rating of more than 100, with only one interception. He did what he had to do to win this match without a problem.

14. Joe Flacco didn’t play bad either, considering it was a new offensive scheme for him. 291 yards and two touchdowns with plenty of support from rookie Elijah Moore, whose talent helps predict that he will be one of the youngsters his team will have to lean on to rebuild.

PHI 40, NO 29

15. The Saints really disappointed me in this game. Their specialty is supposed to be running slow, and they allowed Miles Sanders to rush for 94 yards with 5.9 yards per carry; there they lost the game.

16. The presence of Dallas Goedert, who came close to missing this game, was key for the Eagles. This player is extremely dominant in the middle of the field and is complemented in a great way by DeVonta Smith, who normally plays on the other side of the field, glued to the wing.

WAS 27, CAR 21

17. Carolina’s defense did not play at the level that we are used to. They allowed 369 total yards to Washington, 5 yards per carry to Antonio Gibson and 103 yards with a touchdown to Terry McLaurin. It’s their strength and their way of winning games, they need to get back to what they were doing: They come in good time against the Dolphins next week.

18. It’s amazing how Taylor Heinicke has her flashes, using her legs to advance the ball and to find spaces. 141 rating points in this game: a pity that he seldom maintains this level.

SF 30, JAX 10

19. Game without suffering for the 49ers, something that is becoming a habit for Kyle Shanahan: crushing small teams. That’s fine, but it must be combined against good performances against big teams, too. Applause to Brandon Aiyuk, who appears to have returned to his level last year, saving the 49ers on several major third downs.

20. Unfortunately, if James Robinson is ruled out, this team is unlikely to win, because that’s the component that takes pressure off Trevor Lawrence and helps him play more comfortable. Only 29 yards for the running back.

CIN 32, LVR 13

21. Trouble continues for this Las Vegas team, and we realize that they are probably already saying goodbye to this year. The problem is that there will surely be a new administration, and we have doubts if they will want to stay with Derek Carr and the base of this team. We will probably see a complete rebuild.

22. I liked that Joe Burrow showed that you don’t need to rely solely on Ja’Marr Chase in order to be successful and efficient; He can also distribute the ball between his multiple weapons, with everything and that this match was successful thanks to his running game.

KC 19, DAL 9

23. There is no question that the Cowboys missed Amari Cooper and, at times, CeeDee Lamb, but you also have to give credit to the Chiefs defense, which had Dak Prescott under constant pressure. Bad effort from Dallas’ offensive line.

24. When Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill get back to where we know them, the Chiefs are going to win games. Clyde Edwards-Helaire also added something extra to what we were seeing with Damien Williams: more presence in the running game.

ARI 23, SEA 13

25. Again: Russell Wilson doesn’t look healthy. We will hope that he can recover soon.

26. It’s time to give Kliff Kingsbury credit again: another good game plan to know how to use a quarterback as mediocre as Colt McCoy.

LAC 41, PIT 37

27. What a crazy game! With everything and that they lost, the Steelers did well what they do with specialty: play well as underdogs. Great offensive effort from Big Ben.

28. For a moment it seemed that the Chargers were going to return to their old tricks: losing games that they had practically won. But this result showed us what it took to get rid of that sports culture: Justin Herbert as QB.

This is the analysis with what was learned in the lessons of week 11 of the NFL Season 2021. What would be your notes? We read you in the comments under this article and on our social networks.

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