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Le Parisien: PSG considering the termination of Sergio Ramos’ contract

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Segn informs this sunday Le Parisian, newspaper close to the Parisian entity, within the club They no longer see it as something utopian to terminate Sergio Ramos’ contract, assuming the mistake of his signing. Something, however, that seems complicated, since the former Real Madrid captain signed for two years and they will have to reach an agreement with the Spanish defender.

“We knew that Ramos had a problem. You are playing the game of the Spanish press. We know everything. We know what’s going on, “said Leonardo. A few days ago, he came to the fore to alleviate the criticism of the team’s game and some of the players.

Ramos continues with his set-up waiting for his debut: Gym and green

The Andalusian without making his debut and in Paris, although they do not show it outside the box, worries. Sergio Ramos, four months after arriving at PSG he has not played any game and their injury is prolonged. He is expected to return to training with Mauricio Pochettino’s group shortly, but that moment has not just arrived.

“The trust that some placed in the defender at the time of his signing, or even after his calf injury a few weeks later, is no longer unshakable today. So much so that the option of contract termination, while not on today’s agenda, is no longer science fiction. The PSG begins to admit that it could have been mistaken “, quotes the French newspaper.

Pochettino: “I have no doubts that Ramos will find his best level”

A delicate situation for a footballer who Has not played a game since May 5 and that, on paper, he should gradually return to training this week with the group, although setting a date for his return to the pitch seems utopian today.


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