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LBMQ draft: what will the Cactus do?

by archysport

It is now in two days that the selection session for junior players in the Quebec Major Baseball League will take place. It is around 2 p.m. Saturday (November 27) that you will have the chance to see the live webcast of the event from the circuit’s Facebook page.

The teams have been preparing since the end of last season in order to improve their team for next summer. Some personnel movements are already underway as three teams from the Bélisle circuit today proceeded to a transaction involving two players and five draft picks.

Thus, the Acton Vale Castors get their hands on catcher Jean-Philippe Martin from the Cascades de Shawinigan. In the process, James Vardy, for his part, takes the road to Sherbrooke joining the organization of the Expos. In addition to this player, the Sherbrooke formation obtains selections of 1st, 4th and 5th round of Shawinigan for the draft of 2022. The champions of the last season take, for their part, possession of the 7th choice in total of the auction of 2021 as well as a 2023 draft pick, the Expos 2nd round.

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