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KD’s tackle to a teammate: “I am taken together because it does not represent any danger”

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Kevin Durant is having a huge season, but he commence visibly annoyed at the lack of skill of a teammate. In fact, he is believed to be the reason KD has had to deal with a lot of two-man strikes lately.

The Nets’ start to the season could not be more special. Indeed, without Kyrie Irving, absent because he refuses to obey the establishment of a health pass in New York, Brooklyn is struggling to find the automatisms shown last season. And yet, despite this huge blow, despite some difficulties in the game, Steve Nash’s men stand alone at the top of the Eastern Conference.

But as it stands, it’s difficult to make them the big favorites for the title. The Nets have lost almost all of their games against their rivals since the start of the season. They were destroyed by the Bucks on opening night, but also by the Heat, the Bulls and the Warriors, the fault of a Stephen Curry in total boiling. Confidence is not necessarily there at the moment.

Kevin Durant frustrated by Blake Griffin

And if all goes well in the standings despite this, it is largely thanks to the form of Kevin Durant, one of the favorites with the Chef in the race for the MVP. He is having the best start to the season of his career, is devilishly efficient, but unfortunately he has to deal with increasingly aggressive defenses on him. The reason ? According to him, it is because of the lack of skill of a teammate in the starting 5. A journalist from The Athletic recount.

Blake Griffin has scored 8 points or less in his last 8 games played. And Kevin Durant, without naming him directly, has mentioned several times that the opposing insides were starting to seriously take two on him because Blake Griffin does not represent any danger on the outside. As soon as LaMarcus Aldridge made his entrance, things changed.

Kevin Durant did not name him directly, which is responsible for his part, but given the current shape of his interiors, it is not difficult to understand that the many two-way takes were a result of the blackout. Blake Griffin’s address. This season, he is only shooting 5.5 points on average, all at 32% shooting and 16% behind the arc! Concretely, it does not represent any threat when it is open.

So inevitably, the opposing defenders are happy to leave him alone to come and help on KD. A situation which visibly frustrates the main interested party. But Griffin probably knows he’s not up to par, and he won’t take those comments too seriously. The only solution for him is to regain confidence and to punish too lax defenses towards him.

Kevin Durant is a leader in the locker room, he is probably trying to poke his teammate to make him react. Because to go until title, it will take much more from Blake Griffin. 5.5 points average is not worthy of its status.

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